Travelling is the best thing you can do in life. It’s an escape from everything else in the world, and really goes broaden your mind. It may be a little expensive at times, but if you do it right, you’ll be able to do it for next to nothing with tonnes of rewards. There’s a few ways you can make your holiday permanent, and if you chose to go down this route you won’t regret it. Take a read of this article to find out how and why you should make your holiday permanent.

People usually take a gap year in their life for one reason or another, but lately it is becoming increasingly popular to take a gap year and travel the world, and for good reason. Travel is one of the best things you can do to make yourself happy. The only stressful part about travelling is actually getting to the destination, past that you’re just in for fun and good times. If you’re going on your own, then backpacking around and staying in hostels is a great way to meet new people and be put into situations you wouldn’t usually come into. Hostels are much cheaper to stay in as well, and will mean you’re a lot less lonely during your time travelling. Check out a this hostel guide if you’re curious, Once you get a taste for it, backpacking round the world will definitely become a way of life. To get yourself started, the main area people love to travel is Thailand, and then onto Australia. They’re the perfect introduction into travelling as you’ll fall in love with everything about it. The island itself is beautiful, and is a hub for backpackers and normal travellers alike. If this is the route you’re going to take, be sure not to miss the elephant experience where you’ll come up close and personal to elephants in their natural habitat.  The full moon party is definitely worth a visit if you’re on the island at the time one is on. Take a look at more incredible things to do in Thailand here, When you make your way to Australia is when you can really start to make travelling a way of life. You can have a working visa in Australia for 9 months, then you have to leave the country for three, then you can head back on another working visa. Effectively, you can stay in Australia for years just travelling and working in the amazing city. You’ll definitely fall in love with the Australian way of life. The atmosphere there is so relaxed, and the people make it such a good country to live in. Whilst you’re on a working visa, travelling will always be a way of life. If you want a guide to working abroad, then check out this post


So, there’s backpacking, and then there’s country hopping. Some people chose to buy or rent houses in different countries in order to keep travelling. They might have a holiday home in or or two different countries, meaning they can dip in and out of the country whenever they’d like. It’s the perfect solution to being trapped in just one country. You know then that you’ve got a surefire way of getting out the country to do some travelling whenever you like. It might be a little more costly with the initial buy of the house, but in the long run it’ll work out a lot cheaper for you. When you total the amount spent on holidays, especially long haul ones, they’re very expensive. This also gives you the opportunity to own a home in one of your favourite countries. If you look in the right markets, you’ll definitely be able to find some real estate cheap enough for you to buy. Take the beautiful city of Jakarta for example. It is a growing hub of excitement, and there’s plenty to do there. It has grown so much in popularity over the years, and the housing market is pretty cheap in comparison to other countries. If you were considering going down the buying route, but hadn’t decided on a country, Jakarta is definitely worth having a look into. If you want to take a look at some real estate, check out this website, Always shop around before settling down, something like this is a huge financial decision. You want to make sure you’re 100% happy before going through with anything. Once you’ve bought a holiday home, you could use it as a base for travelling to other parts of the world. If you bought in Jakarta, you’d be much closer to the Indonesian islands, so travelling would be a lot cheaper. The beauty of travelling is that it’s endless if you have the money to do so.


The reasons why you should travel should be obvious. There’s nothing worse than going through your life being stuck in one country, seeing the same thing day in day out. The world has so much more to offer compared to what’s around us. If you don’t get out there and explore, you’ll never know what the world could give to you. It has been proven that travelling reduces stress overall, and the experiences you’ll have along the way will be more than worth it. If you’re worried about money, it can be done for next to nothing. If you work along the way in each country you visit, it’ll be a lot easier for you. Stay in hostels to make it cheaper, and see if travelling by air, train, or boat is cheaper. For example, if you’re in Paris and heading to Germany, it might be a lot cheaper to get the train rather than flying. If you look for the most cost effective ways each time then you’ll be fine. If you’re going alone, it’s a great chance to meet new people and potentially make friends for life. It’ll take you away from the daily 9-5 grind of life, and will open your eyes to what true happiness really means. If you’re a little nervous about going alone, see if you can get a friend to tag along for a while whilst you get used to it.