If you love traveling and working abroad, keep reading. There are many companies like my own, Wanderlust and Company that help make your life as easy as possible. 

I love startups and exploring new apps and products to use to really hack my traveling and to make my digital nomad work life as easy as possible. I thought it would be fun to share my latest finds with you! They aren’t all ground breaking, but mostly essential to just know.

  1. Croissant 2.0. Unlock the hottest coworking spaces in your city. Great for nomads looking for more professional workspaces than the local coffee shop. It’s not free to join, but you pay a monthly fee, way lower than renting your own office. Now only in San Francisco and New York, but hopefully soon across the globe. (also read: my favorite digital nomad work hotspots)
  2. Overnight. Out of money, lost or is everything fully booked? Meet Overnight and book a last-minute stay with local hosts. Download the app and find a last minute place to rent, hopefully cheaper than your other options!
  3. Café Wifi. Share cafés and their Wi-Fi speeds — with Foursquare check-ins. We all have been there; searching for places with wifi. Then finally found it, ordered an expensive meal or coffee to only find out that the wifi is not working, uploading or just slow. Cafe Wifi is the solution! Download the app and search for locations near you.
  4. Places to Work. See 10,000+ places to work from near you. Literally all coffee places in the neighborhood, great for exploring new cities!
  5. Wifi Map. Wifi hotspots are not the best way to stay secure while traveling, but sometimes you just need to right?! Wifi Maps shows you a global map of 500,000+ open, public WiFi hotspots, there’s probably always one near you.
  6. Couchsurfing hangouts. We all know couch surfing. But even better; Couchsurfing Hangouts. Meet nearby travelers and locals, no planning required, just see who’s available via the app.
  7. WeLive. Furnished, flexible apartments by WeWork. Ever worked at WeWork? I have had meetings, and the work places are always inspiring. Now they have WeLive for digital nomads, people who prefer to stay a while, but not in a hotel. Unfortunately, I still think the prices are super expensive (private bedroom starting at $1900, private studio starting at $3050), but hey, it’s New York, let’s see how they do in other cities right? The concept is great!

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