Got a pest problem in your home? I’m lucky I just moved into a new build home so I don’t have any problems yet, but sure, in those old Amsterdam houses where I used to live in before we had all sorts of pest, mostly mice so make sure you prepared nevertheless. Here are a few ways in which you can help to keep the critters at bay. 

Keep food contained

Many household pests including rats, ants and cockroaches are attracted to food. Make sure that any food in your home is contained to stop the smells getting into the air – it’s these foody smells that are likely luring pests into your home. Opened containers of foods should be sealed shut. Meanwhile, make sure that any waste food is cleaned up – leaving dirty plates on the side of the kitchen or failing to wipe up spilt sugar could help to further attract unwanted guests.

Seal up cracks

Cracks in your home’s walls could be letting in pests. This is a common entry point for ants and cockroaches, whilst a baby mouse or rat can fit through any crack wide enough to fit a pencil in. Caulk is the easy solution for sealing up cracks, however, you may want to seek out more serious solutions for larger cracks which could be serving a danger to your home’s structural integrity.

Use deterrent scents

Releasing certain scents in your home could scare off pests. Citronella, peppermint and lavender are all common fragrances that are known to have deterrent properties against the likes of mosquitos and spiders. You could use scented candles to release these scents or you could buy air fresheners. Focus these scents in key rooms where you get pests such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

Lay down traps

There are all kinds of traps that can help to ward off pests. Some of these are lethal such as mouse traps and bug zappers, whilst other are more humane. Consider whether buying traps could be an option for you, and whether they’d be safe for your household. For example, if you have small children or pets, traps may be too dangerous to use. A search term like “phoenix pest control” (or wherever you live), will give you all the available options in your area, so you may be able to find a safer alternative.

Know when to hire a pest control

Some pest problems may require professional intervention. For example, a wasp nest is generally not wise to take on yourself without the right equipment making it the ideal time to hire pest control. There are pest services out there that specialize in everything from termite control to rodent control. Ultimately, no matter which type of pest is making your life a misery, before hiring a pest control company, always read online reviews to help find the best one for your needs – for instance, you can find plenty of positive reviews from happy customers on the Pest Control Experts website here:

Keep a pet

A more drastic option could be to buy yourself a cat or a dog to scare off the pests. House cats have historically been used for this purpose, warding off rats and eating bugs. Similarly, some dog breeds have long been used for pest control.

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