You know I’m all about email marketing if you read this blog and I’m always looking for new ways to communicate with my customers.

I recently received an email from SendPulse to check it out, and I did!

The bigger your email list, the more inactive subscribers you’ll get. The art of engaging content and a combination of preparing your subscribers for the content they’re about to receive both help, but the best thing ever is a ‘subscriber rating’, something SendPulse offers.

Sendpulse offers multiple channels of communications with customers to take the relationship (and engagement!) to the next level. Besides email, you can also communicate via web push notifications, SMS, and Viber. That’s great because email alone is not enough anymore.

Ready to take your funnels to the next level? With SendPulse you can send different types of messages separately or combine them into autoresponders. Who says you have to be online all the time to be active?

So, once you’ve people in your funnel, it’s time to analyze the activity of your subscribers, segment your mailing list, and use a personal approach to working with them.

Get started: how to set up your money generating funnel with SendPulse:

Sign up for the free plan here, or sign-up for the paid plan (From $9.85/month) here. Once you see the SendPulse dashboard:

How to set up your money generating funnel with Sendpulse dashboard

If you’re on the Free SendPulse plan:

The difference between a free and a paid plan is that the free plan allows you to test the features SendPulse offers and offers a limit of 2500 subscriber and 15.000 (!) emails monthly.

  • You can use the ready-made email templates to send your newsletters with.
  • To make the most out of your email marketing and money generating funnel, you need to know your stats.
  • In “Reports” you will be able to see the number of opened emails, delivered, how many subscribers clicked the link and which one, number of errors, emails marked as spam and unsubscribed users. Also, you will see the geographic stats and the devices used to open an email.
  • Don’t forget to A/B test your subject line, headers, images and more for optimal success
  • With one click you can resend the campaign to unopened subscribers.

Additional ideas if you’re on the paid SendPulse plan:

  • Use the artificial intelligence to raise your email open rate. The AI knows your subscriber’s interaction with your website and uses the optimal time and communication channel to communicate with them. Wow!
  • Remove the “Sent via SendPulse” footer link in your emails (or change it to your affiliate link of course! You can sign-up for their program here)

You’re now ready to set up your money generating funnel with SendPulse! Here’s how:

  1. Set up your lists as described in previous steps
  2. Identify your perfect client or customer
  3. Create multiple landing pages, as “websites with more than 30 landing pages will get 7 times the leads of a website with less than 10.” (source)
  4. Have your lead magnet in order, this is your freebie, the reason why people want to sign-up to your list. Make sure this ‘freebie’ is super targeted: who do you want to sign up to your list? This should be your ideal customer, not just anyone! The better the offer, the more people will subscribe. I offer a free course! You can access it here for free.
  5. Add your opt-in forms to multiple pages on your website or blog. The more people will see your great awesome freebie, the more likely it’s that they subscribe.
  6. Optimize your confirmation page, autoresponder or email with a one-time offer that expires soon. You can use an email or webpage timer like this one to do so. So, every time someone clicks the link or opens the email for the first time, they’ll see a timer and have to decide in a limited period of time whether they want to buy it or not. Make sure this offer is one from on the low end (if not the lowest) end of your funnel. They just get to know you and are not ready to purchase something that’s ‘expensive’.
  7. Create an automated sequence that ‘prepares’ your audience for a bigger buy that’s in the middle range of your sales funnel. Try to make it as complex as necessary, using triggers. Triggered emails are condition based emails. And triggered email is sent to the subscriber when a condition met, like when the user clicked a link or open an email etc. this way, you can create the best messages for your audience that’s targeted to what they need at that specific moment.
  8. Check out the fundamentals of a sales funnel here if you need to refresh your memory! (More on it in my course here)

Create a visual funnel campaign with Automation 360

This is a new functionality of SendPulse and it’s great! You can create a flexible event-based automation flow using actions, conditions, filters, goals. This is an improved and more advanced version of autoresponders, as you can create up to 50 blocks setting different conditions and goals. Within a free pricing plan, only creating of automation flow is available. But you should still check it out!

Some ideas of alternative ideas to use SendPulse, for some you need a Zapier account (free):

  • Use SendPulse as a free alternative for Clickfunnels ($97 a month)
  • Use SendPulse as a content delivery service that delivers your lead magnets in an automated email, via their many ready-made subscription forms
  • Use SendPulse as a better alternative for the also free Mailchimp
  • Use SendPulse to add new Google contacts to a mailing list (with Zapier)

How to set up your money generating funnel with ClickFunnels alternative

Enthusiastic? Check out SendPulse here.

How to set up your money generating funnel with Sendpulse (as Clickfunnels alternative!)

The power of a money generating funnel.