More and more in our daily lives, we’re bombarded with messages telling us how important it is to live a green life. Becoming more eco-friendly isn’t something we should consider optional. While there are many people out there making enough changes for several people alone, we need more people to hop on the green bandwagon and make changes to sustain our planet. We’re using up so many resources, and it just isn’t sustainable if we want to carry on living the way we are! This applies especially to businesses. Just consider a number of resources that any given business can use in a day. Paper, electricity, gas, packaging, and more. Not to mention how people arrive to work! Just one business going green, and encouraging others to go green can make a massive difference to the world. In fact, there’s even evidence that suggests a person is more likely to work with an eco-friendly business, than one that doesn’t really mention the environment.

Most people want to feel like they’re helping in some way. That’s why green businesses are becoming more and more popular. Lush is so popular not because it creates nice smelling body and bath products, but because it does everything it can to protect the environment and even tackles other issues, such as equality and animal testing. Lush wouldn’t be Lush without that aspect of their brand, and it certainly wouldn’t be as popular.

Just stop for a second and consider the kind of brand you could be if you did similar things. The below infographic can give you ideas!

Credit to Red Stag