We all love money, but if your interest in it is bigger than most, you should definitely think about getting a job in this sector.

It could be the ideal way for you to get a job that you can really connect with. If this is something that you are thinking about getting involved with. Here are the jobs that you should consider.

Blogging about finances

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Obsessed with money in a positive way? These are the perfect jobs for you!

Hedge Fund Manager

Hedge funds are very important right now, and the people who manage them have very important jobs. You will need to have knowledge and experience if you’re going to succeed in this role. It’s something that most people build up to over the course of many years. It’s not the kind of job that just lands in your lap, unfortunately. But if that’s your ultimate aim, start working towards it right away. You’ll get there eventually.

Internal Auditor

Sometimes, companies need to be audited. And big companies often hire internal auditors to take care of this kind of thing. If it’s something that you know a bit about, and it all sounds pretty interesting to you, you should definitely give it a go. It could be a niche that is perfectly suited to you. If you have a strong eye for details, you could be the kind of person that’s needed in this job. Find out more about it and see if it’s for you.


You could do worse than becoming an accountant if you want a financial career that’s rewarding and easier to get into. Accountancy is often seen as being a little dry and boring, but don’t let that reputation put you off. If you want to get involved in this area of finance, you should definitely give it a try. Once you’ve completed your accounting bba, you will be able to get started and start earning money from your new career.

Investment banking

Investment banking is one of those career paths that can turn out to be very lucrative if you get it right. If you manage to find success in this job, you will find that the progress is smooth and fruitful. But you have to have a strong understanding of what’s involved, so definitely do some research before pushing ahead and pursuing this particular career. Investment banking is something to consider if you want a high-powered career in the world of finance.


Most people don’t even know what an actuary is or what they do. If that applies to you, don’t just skim past this final paragraph. It’s something that everyone who’s thinking about pursuing a career in financial services should think about. The job involves compiling statistics and then analysing them. After that’s done, the task of calculating financial risks starts. All in all, it’s a job that is pretty difficult, and it requires a lot of hard work.

There are so many great financial jobs out there. And if you love money, you should definitely consider some of these. It could be your dream career.