Melbourne might be known as hipster city, the city has a d*mn good food scene. And as a newbie that just moved to the city, it’s not easy to navigate your way through all the different restaurants and cafes. Time to feature my favorite Instagram accounts to inspire you to visit Melbourne.

Melbourne Travel Guide Melbourne Eats Australia Travel Guide


Straight up: I don’t eat that clean, but I do eat gluten-free and lactose-free most of the time due to allergies (can’t resist a good pizza every now and then,totally accept all the pain as a result afterward). This account inspires us to eat clean and tells us where to get it. Even if you’re not into clean food (but it is really healthy so try it!) you’ll enjoy the beautiful food styling. When you see a pretty plate styled like the most beautiful, colorful thing you’ve ever seen, you’ll get enthusiastic about clean food whether you like it or not.

Things to do in Melbourne


This account is basically the Amsterdam Curated (my old blog) of Melbourne: food, events and basically everything you should do, see and eat. Must follow!

A community of people who love tasty food in Melbourne


A community of people who love tasty food in Melbourne, Instagram page reminds me a little bit of some of the bigger Asian food bloggers, a lot of pastel and beautiful colors that make me very happy. Oh and a wide range of brunch and burgers to try.

Melbourne Cheap Eats Restaurants and cheap food


Yessss, in an expensive country (for most of us), eating out cheap is a must. I recall a moment where I ordered a simple grilled cheese sandwich not realizing it would cost me AUD$19. Iek. This account is on a mission, sharing Melbourne’s cheap eats. Must follow for frugal adventurers!

Melbourne to Eat

@melbourne to eat

Feeling hungry? Visit Melbourne to eat, pick your favorite hotspot and GOGOGO! Not the most beautiful colored page, but definitely one that knows how to photograph delicious food and how to find new hotspots! Oh, and do you recognize the logo? Yep, it’s from the same people behind @melbournetodo!

munching melbourne


Who runs the scene? Girls…. I guess, because they stocked up on girlies in the bio. Nevertheless, they rock. Interesting food vs. good ol’ burgers and great photos.

Weekends in Melbourne city guide melbourne weekend guide


If you’re busy during the week, this account is your savor, weekends in Melbourne features the best food hotspots to visit in your weekend. Nice feed to scroll through, not a lot of clean food and coffees but all fun and games!

wonderful melbourne

A little bit of everything. They don’t take a lot of photos but share yours, and don’t really guide you through it, it’s more an inspiration account than a city guide account.

melbourne hotspot guide


Time to finish the article, and why not with an account that mixes food with fashion and shopping? Melbourne Central is the place to stay updated on all things fashionable. Also nice to follow if you don’t plan to do anything with the information but staying up to date of the Melbourne ‘scene’.

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