So, as you might know, I’m currently in Melbourne, Australia. It’s is definitely one of my favorite cities ever, there’s so much to do and to discover.. it never ends. I come across so many REALLY AWESOME and UNIQUE bars, that it’s definitely time for an update…

Here are a few bars I recently discovered

The Croft Institute

This bar in the middle of China Town (on Croft street) is a cocktail bar inspired by an old school science lab. The ground floor has a massive collection of all manner of curious glassware. The 1st level houses the departments of Male and Female hygiene (aka the loo’s) while the 2nd floor Gymnasium complete with real turf bar (you can sometimes catch the staff giving it a trim), opens on the weekends where the DJ’s spin and the dance floor grooves. Really cool!

Check out The Croft Institute here

Double Happiness

Okay, let me tell you, cocktails in the form of bubble tea (I’m not talking about Virgin cocktails here btw) and you’re in right? It’s a small little cafe that plays old school hiphop in a very hip street in the middle of (again) China town, and definitely worth the visit. The cocktails were $15, but SO worth it.

Check out Double Happiness here

You’ll also love:

The Asian Beer Cafe

Okay, I must admit, I’ve been here more than I should be. This is the place to be if you want cheap drinks and considerably good cocktails (in jugs) for the cheapest price possible. Everyday (!) from 4 – 8 it’s happy hour at this place. Read: $10 beer jugs, and on Thursdays free sparkling wine (read: Prosecco) for girls. Yep, that’s right. We didn’t knew that before we went, but when we were there, we heard about it. And yes, the prosecco was actually okay-ish (and 100% free). Cocktails jugs are $20 (always) and great pizzas only $5. See how this place is winning? I didn’t even mention the rooftop terrace…

People start dancing inside at about 8 because after happy hour everybody’s in a very good mood! Don’t let the location fool you, it’s on the top floor of a mall, and although that kinda feels weird, it’s the best place for pre-drinks! Just make sure you check out their dress code, it’s not allowed to wear thongs (flip-flops) and my friend seriously got denied access.

Check out the Asian Beer Cafe here

The Rooftop Cinema

The Rooftop Cinema is a Melbourne classic. It doesn’t have the best views, there are higher rooftop bars, but the cinema makes it the best! During the movie, it’s not allowed to speak loudly near the bar area, so it’s bests to go downstairs and enjoy the bar, which serves perfect cocktails.

Check out the Rooftop Cinema here

Madame Brussels

One of my favorites saved for last, Madame Brussels is a lovely ‘garden party’ themed rooftop bar. Funky hipster crowd, great vibe and great cocktails! Jugs are ≠$35, which makes it a pretty ‘expensive’ place compared to let’s say the Asian Beer Cafe, but they can pull it off because the vibe is awesome! Definitely, check this one out if you’re in Melbourne!

Check out Madame Brussels here


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