I just came across the best idea on Pinterest the other day! As you probably know, does living in the city not come with a spacious apartment. So doesn’t my (future) apartment either, so I’m already looking for ideas to make spaces look bigger. 

I found my solution on Pinterest, make sure you follow me here. I decided to share/document my findings here, for my own future reference and hopefully, you can use the tips too.

4 simple solutions to make a small room look bigger:

1. Photos & Posters

I found my favorite tip in the ‘window poster’. It’s a poster that shows a window, preferably with dreamy raindrops like this one. I can’t get rid of the feeling that that’s an actual window, giving the room more space. I think it’s the best idea ever and I immediately made a plan to take a photo like this that I can print later.

Make small spaces look bigger with mirrors and windows

2. Mirrors

Mirrors are the quickest way to make a room appear larger. Who hasn’t been tricked before?

It doesn’t matter if you go for a large ‘gym like’ mirror or small mirrors across the walls, experiment a little bit with it to see what you like.

I know that I personally don’t like seeing myself everywhere, but one large mirror in the house is a must-have and it doesn’t have to be in the bathroom or hallway.

3. Multifunctional pieces

Invest in pieces that serve many functions is a simple way to have more space. I’m looking out for a bed that still has space underneath the bed (looks more spacious) yet, has a storage compartment under the mattress. I’m sure they exist somewhere!

4. Go big

If you have to deal with a small space, it doesn’t mean that you only have to decorate it with small furniture. Sometimes it works better if you have a few big pieces.

Less is more, so make your place as less cluttered as possible!

Beautiful posters to make a small room look bigger