The healthcare industry is one of the most profitable in the world, everybody needs it after all. Most people think of a career as a doctor when they think of working in healthcare but there are so many other jobs that you could try your hand at, and a lot of them pay incredibly well. If you think that a job in healthcare may be right for you, here are a some of your options.

How Do You Get Into The Industry?

Getting into the healthcare industry can be difficult and you’ll need some qualifications for most of the jobs that you’re looking for. Going to medical school is the traditional option and, if you’ve just graduated from high school, it’s probably the one you’re considering. The college experience is great for new graduates and you can learn a lot in your time there. However, it’s going to cost you a lot and after your four years, you’ll be doing a few years residency before you’re fully qualified.

You can get qualified for public health jobs online these days. It’s much better for people that are trying to get into this industry later in life because you can do it in your own time while you’re working. That means you don’t need to go back to college full time and it won’t cost you anywhere near as much.

So, once you’re qualified, you need to start deciding on a job role. There’s plenty out there for you, these are some of the best.

Occupational Therapist

Being an occupational therapist is one of the best jobs for somebody that likes working one on one with people. You’ll be working with patients that have had serious injuries and are having trouble with recovery. It will be your job to help them re-learn a lot of the skills that they’ve lost after the accident. It’s an incredibly rewarding job and you can help people to rediscover their lives. As an occupational therapist you can earn around $80,000 a year and that’s expected to increase by about a quarter in the next ten years.


A nurse earns a bit less with top salaries coming in at around $70,000 but if you want to be at the forefront of healthcare then it’s definitely the job for you. You’ll have to deal with day to day care of the patients, including administering medicines and monitoring the patient’s condition. The hours are long and it’s a tough job so make sure that you’re making the right decision before you apply for any positions. You’ll need to get separate qualifications for nursing but if you contact your local authorities, they’ll advise you on how to get qualified in your state.


A surgeon is one of the highest paying jobs in the healthcare industry, the average salary is around $240,000 a year. After you’ve completed your four years at medical school, you’ll have to do a residency that can last up to five years so it’s a big commitment to make. It’s also a very emotionally challenging job because people’s lives are literally in your hands but if you can handle it, it’s worth it.