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Stay Safe At A Festival With These Tips


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We may be in the middle of a pandemic, but all over the world lockdowns are easing in certain places, which means that it won’t be very long before the next wave of festivals are booked. Coronavirus complacency is a real thing, and while you’ve been stuck indoors thinking about all the places you want to go, you may have forgotten that the world can still be a dangerous place. Festivals and concerts are two of the most exciting things to buy tickets for each year, so knowing that they are going to be coming back is also as exciting! 

So, while you contemplate finally being able to see your favourite bands, knowing that you will be enjoying a little hearing loss like everyone else who stands close to speakers, you need to remember how to keep yourself safe when you attend. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can be safe when you’re at a festival.

Go In A Group

A group of people together are more likely to enjoy themselves than going solo. Having your friends around you at a festival keeps all of you from dealing with spiked drinks, you won’t get lost and you’ll have people to help you when you inevitably get too drunk to do much more than stagger back to the tent! If you do lose your group, find a group of girls and ask them for help – girls will always give you the help you need to find your friends again.

Meet New People

If you are dancing solo for this festival, say hi to other people on your campsite. They need to know that you are alone – so stick to saying hi to groups of people and not loners in their own tents. If you don’t come back from a set, someone will be concerned if they don’t see you and raise the alarm.

Bring Earplugs

You need to remember that you can rupture an eardrum if you stand too close to the bass speakers. Wearing earplugs if you have a space close to the stage is important, and you’ll keep your heating while still having a fantastic time.

Know Your Exits

Sometimes, the crowd can be a little rowdy. The hope is that post-COVID there will be spacing in place so that mosh pits and crushes aren’t a thing during festivals. However, if life does go back to some semblance of normal, you need to know your exits so that you can get out of the field when you need to. You need to keep a map on you at all times, and you’ll be able to figure out where the water is, too – just in case.


Slow Down On Drink

Dancing and drinking alcohol is a staple of a festival but you are still in a grouped field of strangers and you need to be aware of what you’re drinking. You need to keep your wits about you so that you’re not going to put yourself accidentally into dangerous situations. You can still enjoy yourself without getting so drunk you black out. 

Only Go To Safety-Promoting Festivals

There are certain festivals that promote safety and love, and you should make sure that you attend a festival that will support your safety. Adequate security is one thing but you need to make sure that you feel safe when you get to the event. Without the right safety measures, you are going to be at risk.

Be An Activist

If you are attending a festival and you see that it’s unsafe, you need to call out the organizers online. If the festival attendants are slacking, not kicking out drunk festival-goers and generally not caring about the health and wellbeing of the attendees, you need to call out that behaviour as soon as possible. Festivals who insist on masks and social distancing are a good bet as the world transitions back to normality, too, so keep an eye on that and support festivals that care about you.

Attending festivals should be a fun experience, and you need to make sure that you are able to enjoy yourself while you’re listening to your favourite bands. You should be able to have fun and be safe at the same time, but you need to be aware of yourself, your friends, your surroundings and more. Get online and get a group together before you go – and have the best time while you dance the night away!

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