These surreal coronavirus days have made many people question what they are doing for eight hours every day. Many people have slipped into a career without ever feeling a burning desire to succeed in their field. There’s nothing more soul-destroying than the thought of having to spend the day in, day out working in a role for the next thirty years when all you want to do is something new.

However, Covid-19, for all its disrupting and destruction, has brought about a new opportunity for people to reflect and change the direction of their lives. You can begin with your job. Switching careers used to be seen as something negative, whereas now it is viewed as broadening your horizons. Read on to find out how you can switch your career with ease.


If you are seeking out new employment roles in a wholly new sector, the chances are that you will need to retrain. Don’t let the potential cost or time commitment put you off. Instead, consider how you can gain industry-specific qualifications while you are still working in your current job. This will give you the financial cushion you need before making any sudden switch. If you want to move from financial services to teaching, consider a Master degree for education that you can do evenings and weekends to fit around your job. If you want to change from marketing to hospitality, think about getting the hands-on experience you need by volunteering at the weekend with local community events.

Follow Your Passion

The whole point of reassessing your job role is to do something new that you really have a passion for. Accountancy may pay the bills but number crunching and working out tax obligations might not give you the same thrill that cooking or graphic design does. This is the time to assess what you love doing and what you are good at. Try to marry these passions with your skillset and consider what is transferable to a new role. 

Start writing to local businesses and ask to shadow people with the ultimate job role that you are after. This will give you a real feel for a role rather than just some idealistic view. Then, you can commit to this new career path and work towards it.

Contact Recruiters

Some of the best advice can be sought from recruiters. These specialist consultants will have a vast array of highly qualified job candidates on their books ready to fill roles in the industry that you want to break into. You want to get on these books so ask the recruiter how you can do this. This may mean spending some time getting a new formal qualification, taking on more responsibility such as leading a team or managing budgets, and gaining relevant experience. Make a list of things that you can achieve while still in your current role and work towards them. 

Remember, switching careers isn’t simple, so you need to commit to starting at the bottom once again and working your way up. However, with the necessary drive, determination, and passion, you can switch careers in three simple steps.

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