Mobile businesses are becoming increasingly popular among side-hustlers. Indeed, being able to work regardless of your location means that someone who is building a side-hustle business along their full-time career can still find the time to generate income on the go.

If you’re a family person, it’s also the best approach to maintain your work/life balance, as you can make sure your time at home is dedicated to your children and partner. So what do you keep to make your side job on the go work? The answer might surprise you: You need apps, a lot of them.

An interactive platform to connect with clients

You need to be aware that being on the go often implies that your customers are more likely to be mobile too, as demonstrated by the success of a venture such as Uber for side hustlers. In fact, Uber has inspired many businesses and side hustling platforms to embrace the on the go movement – you can even find valuable apps here for you to join and promote your services. Ultimately, if you can support your business on a space that offers reactivity and connectivity through a mobile environment, you’re already ahead of the curve.

Give your customers a free-to-use and private channel

Using the assumption that most customers are likely to be on a mobile, you need to keep your contact options targeted. Sending an email, while it’s a possibility, is one of the least preferred forms of communication on a smartphone. On the contrary, you can use a channel that lets you call and exchange links and texts intuitively and easily, something like WhatsApp for your business. You can even use the app to answer FAQs automatically.

Click and invoice; no stress

How do you best send a professional quote when you work from your mobile? Let’s get things straight from the start: A text message won’t do if you want to appear trustworthy. But thankfully, you can find dedicated trading apps such as that let you prepare not only quotes, invoices and receipts but also take payments on the go. As one of the main issue for mobile businesses is to guarantee payment – maybe can only accept cash, which doesn’t suit modern society behaviors anymore –, a handy app that can do all the hard work for you is a life-saver!

Keep on top of your schedule

While it might be easy to prioritize and organize tasks when you work in an office, when you’re constantly on the move, it’s tricky to stay focused on what needs to be done. You can’t exactly walk around with a to-do list on a post-it note. But you can use an app such as Focus Booster to keep you on track with your mobile tasks.

You can even manage your online presence from a phone

Did you know you could even build a website with your smartphone? Indeed, using a web building app, you can create a professional and fully responsive layout that lets you promote your side-hustle without the hustle of a home office.

The bottom line is that as communication and transactions are becoming more and more mobile, the business world is embracing the potential of side-hustles on the go. For a modern worker looking out for options to grow the monthly income, it’s a blessing from the app gods!