Barcelona is one of the best travel destinations in Europe and it is not at all hard to understand why. You can find so many things to do and there are opportunities for literally every type of traveler. Whether you stay at luxury apartment rentals in Barcelona or at a hostel, a great way to experience Spanish life is to do it like the locals.

Trying to save money when visiting Barcelona is great for everyone because it opens the doors to brand new experiences you will surely love. You will be able to have a much better time, even if have all the cash in the world. If you just want to save money, the hacks below will make the experience even better since hacks perfectly align with your desires.

Eat Out During Lunch

Barcelona is simply tremendous when referring to cuisine. Just as with most cities around the world, a really great option is to eat out during lunch. In Barcelona, there are many places that offer “Menu del Dia”, which allows you to try various delicious dishes at very low prices. Find the restaurants that offer this option, with a fixed-price special for lunch. You will only need to pay around 15 EUR for a meal that includes a dessert, a starter, and a drink. Obviously, options differ from one location to the next so do check in advance.

Join Free Walking Tours

This should be a favorite for every single European destination you want to visit. However, the term “free” does not usually mean zero cost. You can participate in free walking tours but are asked to donate something afterward, based on your budget.

Make sure that you consider your interests and that you join a walking tour that covers them. This is because there are numerous companies you could choose from. Some popular options include street art tours, Gaudi architectural tours and Gothic Quarter tours.

Visit Museums When Entry Is Free

On the first Sunday of most months, you can enjoy Barcelona’s free museum day. The only problem, in this case, is that queues are pretty long so you will need to head out quite early. Among the free museums, you can usually enjoy CCCB, MNAC, the Barcelona History Museum and the Picasso Museum.

Remember that many museums have free days that you can take advantage of so do check the schedule in advance. Also, as an extra controversial tip, do not pay for entry at the Picasso Museum if you come from a city that is filled with great art establishments. This is because you will most likely feel underwhelmed by what is on display.

Wander The Streets

This is always a great option since sightseeing does not have to cost too much. In Barcelona, you can easily enjoy exploring as you just walk along the streets, with a map in hand. You just need to respect common safe city travel practices.

The biggest advantage as you walk through Barcelona is that you can explore the beautiful tiny streets and really soak in the wonderful architecture of the city. Make sure you consider visiting the Block of Discord, Las Ramblas, Sagrada Familia, Born, the Gothic Quarter and the La Boqueria Market.

Go To The Beach

If the day is sunny you can always do what the locals do and just go to the beach. Most of the locals do tend to prefer heading out to other beaches but you can definitely enjoy what Barcelona gives you access to. Visit Poblenou via Metro since tourists tend to flock to Barceloneta Beach. It is hard to find a place to stay when everyone goes there. This does not apply during winter, of course, since everything is less crowded. However, during peak seasons, go to Poblenou.

T10 Metro Ticket

Do not buy single fare tickets for the Metro, unless you want to lose money in the process, or you just need it a few times. One ticket is 2.15 EUR and 10 EUR gives you the T10 ticket, which is valid for up to ten journeys. It might not seem like much but the money you save for the whole day can give you a free Menu Del Dia.

Park Guell Park Picnic

You need to pay 7 EUR to enter Park Guell but if you can afford it, you will love the experience. Numerous architectural delights can be seen and the trip is going to be completely worth if you bring what you need for a picnic with you. Deli dishes are really cheap at Vegetart, which is half an hour away from Park Guell.

If you want other really great picnic spots, consider Barceloneta Beach, the WWII bunker and Parc de la Ciutadella. Cheap food can be bought from any Barcelona market.

Seasonal Events And Festivals

Barcelona is home to numerous seasonal events and festivals. They are free and you will particularly love those during summers as Barcelona’s neighborhoods become festive. Gracia Festival is the biggest neighborhood festival. It is held in August, with Gracia individual streets being filled by decorations and celebrations. You should also consider September’s La Merce, a city-wide celebration that is filled Castellers and free concerts.


As you can see, there are many different ways in which you can save money when you visit Barcelona, with the tips mentioned above being just some of those you will surely love. Look around for extra hacks since the city is definitely a paradise for most travelers.


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