The high rate of turnover in your team is unacceptable. It is one of the signs of a company that most people know to look out for and avoid. Applicants will be less willing to accept jobs from you. You’ll end up paying a lot to replace the labor you keep losing. Worst of all, you’ll never really have the benefits of a cohesive, invested team. So, why are you seeing such a problem with retaining employees? 

Their life outside the business isn’t taken into account

Everyone has a life outside their job. That life has its own demands and exerting too much pressure on them to put aside that life won’t help anyone. From poor health and safety practices that puts physical strain on them to demands on long hours and inflexible work conditions that puts mental strain on them. Make sure your business doesn’t demand more than they can reasonably give. Help them find the work-life balance they need.

They’re not appreciated

That said, most people find their work life to be a very important part of their overall lives. For that reason, they like to know that their time spent working hard is being appreciated. Rewards as simple as employee appreciation gifts can be crucial in showing that you value their work. Take the time out to publicly acknowledge those who are performing well in the job. Not only will people feel their emotional needs being met by the job. It sets a great example for levels of work you can expect to see in other members of the team, as well.

You’re dealing with a hostile work environment

Having the right colleagues can make even the most demanding of jobs much more valuable to the individual. On the other hand, having a workplace full of hostile presences can make you hate even the job you’ve always wanted. A hostile work environment isn’t just a risk of pushing your employees away, however. When it goes too far, you can legally responsible for it. Make sure you have set company policies that deal with harassment, bullying and other hostile behavior within the workplace. Otherwise, the idea of a cohesive team will always be beyond you.

They can’t see a future

Another need that every employer must consider is that most people want their current job to be part of a bigger career. If you’re offering nothing but the job itself, they will start looking at what is best for their future. Offering chances of internal career growth is the best way to show people there’s a future in working for you. If you can’t however, then contribute to their future by offering them access to further training so long as they’re with you. Of course, the benefits of more competent employees to the business don’t need to be stressed, either.

Simply put, the relationship between employee and employer needs to be one of mutual investment if your business is to stand any chance. Make sure you’re considering what they need and want from the job, not just paying them to fill their role.


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