Travelling is one of those gifts that you can’t ever appreciate until you’ve actually experienced it for yourself. Sure, you can be told some of the most amazing stories of your life, and feel as though you were really there to see it for yourself – but you will never really know until you take that big scary leap for yourself.

It’s important to voice up your thoughts about traveling before you do anything because everyone gets scared, and you shouldn’t feel as though you can’t admit that. It’s a big deal, and it’s totally normal to feel nervous beforehand. You’re going on an adventure that you’ve never been on before, and you don’t know what awaits you. But embrace that nervousness and let it transform itself into excitement and that oh so lovely thing called adrenaline.

Traveling around Europe is a brilliant way to start out if you have a lot of free time on your hands because you definitely can’t do this in a day. There are so many wonderful countries to visit in Europe, so it’s all down to what you’d like to experience.

Here’s how to prepare.

Brush up on the languages

This doesn’t mean you need to become a fluent mastermind, but knowing the basics will get you very far, and can even keep you out of trouble. So learn how to greet people properly, as well as your manners. Locals really appreciate it when people from another country make the effort to speak the language. It shows them your respect, and they will really appreciate that. You may even find that you really enjoy this, in which case you could stop off in one of the countries and take Italian language courses in Italy for example. There is no reason you can’t make this a learning experience, as well as an exciting adventure. A lot of people tend not to try with languages because they feel silly and don’t want the embarrassment of saying something wrong – but locals don’t care about that. As long as you try, they will love you for it.

Pack up what you need

Depending on how long you plan on traveling for will determine how much you need to pack. If you want to do Europe in one whole trip, then you may assume that you’ll need suitcases and suitcases full of your whole life, but this isn’t actually the case. You will need the essentials, like money, any medication you take, insurance, a camera, a phone, suitable footwear, and a couple changes of clothes. But anything else after that is merely a luxury. There will be places for you to wash your things, so there’s no need to have tons of different outfits. And remember, you can buy as you go, and at any time you worry that you’re carrying too much and don’t require the item with you, then you can just send it back to your home address. That way you can still hold onto it forever, but you’re not weighing yourself down.