Efficient businesses in this day and age do exist, but they’re not as common as you might think. Many businesses out there are actually making things harder than they need to be when it comes to their processes and other business-related tasks, and you could be too if you’re not aware of what you’re not doing. To help you out, here’s a list of the things an efficient business must do:

Know The Right Time To Hire

You might think you have a hole in your team that needs to be filled but waits a little while first. Knowing the right time to hire is the key to keeping your business rumbling on at a satisfactory pace. You may want to first explore whether you can simply hire temporarily for the position, perhaps looking into freelancers and contractors. You don’t have as much responsibility then, as hiring gives you another mouth to feed, along with other things to worry about.

Try Gamification

Gamification is a very effective strategy that all kinds of popular businesses are using to become more productive and efficient. It did start out as sort of a trend, but it now helps too many enterprises that it’s more important than ever. So, what does this mean? It uses techniques from video games to motivate teams and employees.

Let’s explain further. You don’t sit down and make your employees play video games, although you can allow them to do that on their lunch breaks if you like. You simply let them know you appreciate their hard work by ensuring you have a reward system in place. The philosophy has been around for a while, sure, but the term has only really just been coined.

On top of this, there are different strategies you can try to see what works best. Some companies display employee of the month boards, while others have incentives like paid off vacations! Job promotions are pretty classic, but not always a great way to encourage employees to work even harder. How do you think your employees will best respond?

See What Happens When You Switch To Remote Teams

An office environment is not imperative for getting things done. Many businesses are now using remote teams and finding that it works very well. Remote teams can actually improve workplace productivity by up to 13% in certain businesses and industries. Your employees will appreciate this, too, as they will save time on the commute and be able to work in the comfort of their own home.

Use New Tech And Software

Using new tech and software to make the lives of your employees easier as well as enhance your customer experience is crucial in this day and age. Project management tools, for instance, will help you to save valuable time and back and forth conversations. Make sure you look into tech and software that could help your company to become more efficient this year.

Something like Symfact could even help you to manage contracts and third party risks. Do your own research to see what you come up with!

Cut Down On Those Unnecessary Meetings

Sure, keeping track of projects is important, but you really don’t need a meeting to do it. Billions is spent on meetings every year. Simply using tools, as previously mentioned, will help you to cut back on this. Skype meetings count as meetings, too!

Practice Better Time Management

You want to be able to keep an eye on your employee’s work hours, as this will affect business growth. You need to make sure they are motivated enough to be productive so that they accomplish as much as they can during their time at work. Using apps could help you to cut back on procrastination and increase productivity. Remember, though, you need your employees to be happy!

Automate What You Can

Productivity is lost when employees switch between different tasks. Make sure your employees have tools and apps that will take care of the less important jobs.

Now, it’s up to you. These strategies can definitely help you to improve your business productivity and efficiency, so don’t be afraid to experiment with them and see what works for you. You could give your business a huge leg up, but remember that it’s a continuous effort that you must consistently optimize – it isn’t the case of simply downloading a few productivity apps.

What are you going to do to increase your business efficiency and productivity? Leave your thoughts and ideas below!