Morocco! I’ve finally visited this dreamy place.
I have always wanted to visit, but people would always tell me not to go because it’s quite dangerous and unpleasant for women.

Well, after years of not going I finally decided to go… alone and I had the best time!

Taghazout Bay is a small fishing village turned eco-friendly resort enclave with LOTS of surfers. Visitors hail from all over the world to surf these famous waters off the western coast of Morocco and to enjoy the temperate climate year-round.

But before you travel (solo) to Morocco, you need to make sure you’re prepared. Here are my best tips.

Morocco travel guide Agadir and Taghazout by Noni May


The easiest way to go to Taghazout is by plane, Agadir Airport is about 60 minutes away from the village and it’s a big enough airport to have a few international flights come in/take off a day.

Make sure you pay a visit to the airport ATM as there’s no ATM in Taghazout or most hotels.

Agadir Airport Taxi Transfer

I arrived an hour late because it was too cloudy in Agadir, so we flew to Marrakesh first, and arrived late. I was a bit worried because I had a shuttle service ‘Admire Morocco‘ reserved, and I was worried that they’d take off, I mean it’s Africa and I’ve lived that horror before.

Luckily, they were SO professional and I had nothing to worry.

Before my trip, I had email contact with the company and I already had a good feeling about them. I gave them my flight details before I took off, and they monitored the flight. I got picked up by the nicest guy, who would drive me safely to my hotel.

I always feel much safer when I arrange a shuttle service to the city before arriving, because there were many ‘illegal’ taxi guys offering taxi services. If you pay before arriving or at least arrange a set price with a professional airport shuttle service, you know you’re good.

We drove past the Agadir Marina, and many of the Agadir sights so I took a few photos from the car. When he saw me do that he offered me to stop, so nice!

I kindly declined because I wanted to go to Taghazout but I thought it was so thoughtful of him!

The airport shuttle service is 150MAD for one person to Agadir, which is very ok priced.

I can recommend you Admire Morocco, check them out:

My hotel had a daily shuttle service to Agadir and Taghazout because the location was right in the middle.

But it’s super easy to find taxi’s, they’re everywhere. It’s a little bit more difficult to get a good price as a tourist but I didn’t have to use a taxi.

Morocco travel guide Agadir and Taghazout by Noni May (12 of 24)

To plan my visit as safe and pleasant as I could as it was time for me to reflect, relax and chill before a busy period, I made sure I’d stay in the best hotel possible.

And oh boy, I did! I stayed at the Hyatt Place Taghazout because Hyatt Hotels never disappoint and I really needed a relaxed place.

The Hyatt Place Taghazout is located near Taghazout and a little outside Agadir in a newly developed area called ‘Taghazout Bay’.

I loved the hotel so much that I wrote a special blog post about the Hyatt Place Taghazout Bay here!

There’s so much to do in the area! I had planned a day trip to Marrakesh to see the sights and shop in the souk, but unfortunately, I got really sick after drinking the wrong water (I think they used tap water instead of bottled water what I’d ask for). I liked staying in my luxurious hotel so much that I canceled my day trip to relax and get better.

Morocco travel guide Agadir and Taghazout by Noni May (2 of 24)

But it’s about 4 hours to Marrakesh by car!

You can also shop in Agadir, visit the Agadir Marina, visit Paradise Valley, visit Essaouira, visit the Sahara Dunes and of course, visit the hammam (spa) and of course, surf and take it easy in Taghazout, a surf village.

Morocco travel guide Agadir and Taghazout by Noni May

I love Moroccan food a lot! My favorite soup is Harissa soup, which is Moroccan ‘tomato soup’. But also the many tagines filled with meat, vegetables, and other delicious things are SO GOOD! I had one with fruit mixed with the food and it tasted so good.

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Hyatt Place Taghazout Bay