Let’s face it – no workplace is completely perfect, and every employee is bound to encounter a problem or two during their job. However, regular and sustained issues that affect your ability to carry out your work to the best standard or have an effect on you health and wellbeing must be addressed and dealt with as soon as possible. You do not have to accept these situations and suffer in silence, as they can and will be solved, whether you decide to tackle them head on yourself or seek extra support in your plight to a comfortable and happy environment. If you’re having some trouble at work and are no longer enjoying your job, then read on to find out whether you can fix what might be bothering you in the most simple and productive way possible!  

Bullying, Favouritism & Workplace Politics Gone Mad 

In almost any situation where several people are contained in the same space on a regular basis, there will be social breakdowns and cause for arguments, favouritism and politics that can eventually become unbearable. Nothing travels faster than gossip, and initially getting involved in any argument will lead to a spiralling entanglement of side eyes, shoddy teamwork and general discomfort. The first step in gaining respect from others is respecting them – even if you have had some upsets in the past, move forward and begin a less sensitive and more professional relationship which focuses more on getting the job done rather than life outside or personal issues. Once you establish yourself as a calm and approachable individual, any kind of bullying can be taken straight to your manager, who will know of your nature and believe your truth as the innocent party, If your manager fails to act on this, you must get in touch with human resources or the highest available member of your business, explaining that this simply will not go unnoticed and advise that you will take this matter to a union or outside party should you not be happy with the result. 

Lack Of Motivation & No Options For Progression

After spending a lengthy amount of time in any kind of job, it’s going to get boring. This is why you must be continually motivated by your superiors to carry on working and achieve your goals each day, and potentially have room to progress into a higher role if you show particular skills and determination. Not having something to aim for will instantly cause your workflow to slow down, as nothing will be encouraging you to continue at a fast paced great standard. Often managers get rushed off their feet doing their own assignments and forget about installing features that motivate their employees, so it may be up to you to remind them of what you expect. It is perfectly fine for you as a member of staff to want to get more involved, and its likely that your employer will find it highly admirable that you are so dedicated to growing and pushing forward in your career. Do not simply accept your position and hover in the same spot for years on end – talk with your boss to set some goals and work hard together to achieve them. 

Being Involved In An Accident Or Falling Victim To Injury

One of the most stress inducing situations that you can face at work is falling victim to an accident, injury or illness. Whether this is from a falling object, a slip or trip, a badly operated machine, an airborne condition caught from poorly coworkers or a lack of sufficient safety features, it can be a nightmare to handle the after effects of any similar incident. The very first step you must take (after attending the hospital or doctors surgery) is to see whether you are in need of legal representation to file a case against your employers and gain some kind of compensation for the effect this situation has had on your quality of life. If you have to leave your job and recover at home for any period of time, you must seek financial retribution and gain enough money for you and your family to survive during this time. Do not get pressured into accepting responsibility for what happened if it was not your fault, as your workplace must acknowledge the error and put certain steps in place to stop it from happening again the future. 

With any luck, the advice above can help you to solve 3 of the common issues employees face at work!


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