You’ve always done right by your employer, and now you want them to return the favour. It’s only natural that everybody pulls together in these unpredictable times. Unfortunately, if the COVID-19 outbreak has shown the best of humanity, it’s highlighted some of the worst sides, too.

Billionaires asking for handouts from the government doesn’t inspire confidence, not when entrepreneurs tend to put profits above everything else. As a career-driven individual, you want to help without putting your health at risk. After all, millions of died, and millions more are in self-isolation, for a reason.

The key is to understand your fundamental rights. Here are the core ones for your information.

You Can Still Go To The Office

But only understand specific circumstances. The details differ depending on your job and where you’re from, but the general rules are the same. You can only leave your home if you’re a key worker who can’t complete their job from home. Otherwise, you may need a criminal defense attorney to get you out of a sticky spot. So, if the boss demands that you go into the office as normal, you could be allowed to, as long as you hit certain criteria. If you don’t, you can refuse without fear of repercussions.

You Don’t Have An Absolute Right To Work From Home

Yet the circumstances are on your side. Firstly, bosses understand that the best bet for everyone is to try and transition into remote-based workers. That way, the company can continue to survive while the staff isn’t put at undue risk. However, the guidance is only that, and it’s not enshrined in law. Therefore, should your manager take a hard stance, you need to have a chat (virtually) and explain your predicament.

The odds are low that anyone who is at risk of catching the virus will be fired for failing to work from the office.

You Will Get Paid

You’ve been tested and found out that you have the bug. Aside from worrying about your health, you’re bound to fret about your paycheque, too. The good news is that there’s no reason to overreact because new legislation means that workers are entitled to sick pay from the first day of quarantine. It isn’t a huge amount, but it’s better than nothing when securing a new job is pretty challenging.

Of course, you can take whatever’s left from your holiday allocation, too.

Your Health & Safety Rights Are Higher

Employers have a duty of care anyway, but the Coronavirus crisis has forced governments to bolster the rules. Currently, those who can’t perform their role from home will be subject to additional security measures in the workplace. For example, businesses have to provide more handwashing facilities, whether it’s soap and water for antibacterial gels and creams. Surfaces must be wiped down with more regularity, also. These rights are to keep you fit and healthy, so you should alert HR if you feel the company is being lax.

How are you coping? Stay safe, everyone. 

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