To be honest, I’m all about that ‘being conscious but not being obsessed’ with money lifestyle.

I know how much money I make, I try my best to make more every month and I know how much I spend.

But to be honest: I know money is not important in life.

Other than, I get to travel if I have it. That’s why money matters. As a traveler, it’s important, unfortunately.

When I’m home, I want to rebuild my funds and plan my next trip asap.

That’s why I sometimes made wrong client/assignment decisions in the past.

That’s why I love creating a passive income.

Money Blocks

Do you know what money blocks are?

Money blocks are ‘blocks’ that prevent you from making (more) money.

The one that opened my eye was the one about “imagining yourself as a millionaire’.

Truth: I’d always see myself as a millionaire when I’m more successful, skinnier, fancy dressed etc. But the truth is, that will probably never happen. You’ll just be yourself. The way you are now, just with more money.

When I realized this ‘money block’ – it opened up my world and the opportunity to become much more richer.

Same goes for secretly sabotaging yourself holding yourself back making more money.

When I realized this, I immediately started making more money. How awesome?

The Law of Attraction

When the Secret came out, I wasn’t a big fan at all, I just heard stories and didn’t believe it.

But lately I’m reading more about it and I must admit…. it totally works!!

Now I visualize everything and I seriously get it all. I do have to work for it though and sometimes you have to help the universe a little, but if you set your mind on something and you trust the universe, it will happen!

Just do it

Okay, I must admit that I’m always the ‘just do it’ kind of person, but the law of attraction made it worse.

It cleared my money blocks and now I just do it.

I was putting writing that ebook off for years, now I just did it.

Same with writing a lot of blog posts, I always had the ideas, now I just do it.

Who cares if I publish two blog posts on 1 day? If I have the inspiration…!

One great affirmation? I deserve to be rich now, not just any day in the future. It’s your time. You don’t have to be perfect to be rich.

Want to learn more about the law? 

Check out Abraham Hicks, The Secret, Louise Hay and if you’re interested in how affirmations and the law of attraction can help you release some money and blogging blocks, this is a great resource to change your mindset for success.