Are you heading to the gym a few times a week and noticing that nothing is changing? Are you adding more weight to your left and still not seeing any definition? It can be one of the most soul destroying things to work really hard but feel like you’re getting nowhere, and when you’re spending money on a gym membership, it can add a little more of a sting. 

Whether you have found some killer deals on supplements and you want to up your gym game, or you’re noticing that you’re not losing the weight you are hoping to lose and you’d like to speed the process up, it can really help to learn what may be missing. Sure, missing something in the gym is a bad thing, but you may not always like the reason that you’re missing it. Results come from consistency and adequate training, it also comes from really good nutrition. If you can’t be honest with yourself, we’ve got all of the reasons you’re not getting anywhere in the gym.

You lack consistency

You are not consistent enough. We hate to say it, consistency is key when it comes to the gym and if you’re not going regularly, or you start off really well and if heaters off over time, then falling short hair could be exactly why things are going wrong. Are you chasing fads like fasting or no carbs or HIIT sessions? They all have their benefits, but if you’re just chasing cats then you’re going to get bored very quickly, you need consistency and everything that you do and if you don’t have it you’re going to fail.

Not the right schedule

You had a poor program to work with. Whether you do the program by yourself, or a personal trainer has done it for you, you need to ensure that the program you are following is a strong one. Why would you want to sell yourself short when you could have a much better and more targeted approach? Programming has to be progressive and it doesn’t have to be random. It needs to work for you and your goals.

Not eating right

Your diet is falling off the wagon. 80% of your physique comes from what you put in your mouth, and if you are spending your time eating empty calories that’s good then you’re not going to do very well in the gym. You need to be using the right proteins, with a great balance of fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates and facts to ensure that your body is going to respond to the work that you put through in the gym. If you indulge in cheesy pizzas, you will have a lot of fun, but you’re not going to see the results that you want.

Not the right technique

Your technique sucks. If you haven’t ever had a personal trainer show you what to do, the chances are very high that your technique is not going to be great in the gym. Instead of making the constant mistakes that you’re currently making, ask for help to make sure your technique is correct.

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