Winter is a bit of a mixed bag, season wise. On one hand, you have Christmas and all the lights coming up and the idea of having cocoa by a fire. On the other hand, you have some seriously terrible weather. Weather that can be a threat to your health, your finances, and your business. So we’re going to take a look at you beat the weather and protect your business premises.

Damp & mold

One of the most concerning risks of winter is one that can seriously affect your health and the health of your employees. If your premises has one too many openings to the elements, moisture can get in. But your commercial water heater can also malfunction. In the winter, this can be particularly bad. So you need to ensure that your property is all sealed up. Make sure you have a commercial water heater repair company on file that you’ve good relations with to come in as soon as you notice problems as it gets worse the longer you look, and professional company’s can be booked fully during winter! Take a look at windows and entrances and see if there are any places that need caulking to seal them up. The biggest risk, however, comes from the roof. Broken or missing tiles can easily undo all your hard work. It’s worth getting a local commercial roofing company to look over the building.


Watching those energy costs

The business premises is going to have high costs compared to most other buildings in the first place. You don’t need them soaring because your office is at the mercy of the temperatures outside. If you don’t have a thermostat, get one. If you do, take a closer look at what temperature is being set on it. Could it afford to go a degree lower? If it could, you could be saving 8% on your overall energy costs in the office. Take a look around energy management companies to make sure you are getting the best deal and see if there are any that you can switch to.

Insulation is king

Of course, if you want energy costs to really take a hit, then you need the office to be sealed off from the outside. The best way of going that is by investing in proper insulation. Most buildings, by now, are insulated. But not everyone has made the switch with their water pipes. Insulating water pipes doesn’t just cut costs on heating water in the premises. It also reduces the risk of those same pipes freezing. If it freezes, then it can burst. Which means you have water damage to deal with on top of everything else.

The power is in your hands

One of the most serious cases of work interruption is a lot more common in the winter months. We are talking, of course, about power cuts. They can waste hours of your time or even whole days, especially if the heating is impacted. Which is why businesses that are in areas where winter weather can get particularly rough need to back their energy up. This means getting power generators. That way, you can keep the lights and the heating on, instead of being at the mercy of the elements.

We hope the tips above help you fight the approaching season. Don’t let winter have its way with you and your business. Get it protected and look after yourself and your wallet.

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