When we talk about careers, and someone says that they work in law or the legal field, we generally jump to the conclusion that they are a lawyer. While lawyers serve an irreplaceable role in convicting and imprisoning criminals, it’s important to bear in mind that a profound number of people actually work together in order to keep our streets safe. If you’re considering a career in law yourself, this is particularly important. There are so many different roles involved in the legal process that you should be familiar with all of the options that are available to you before setting on any given career path. Here are just a few different roles that might interest you!


While criminals eventually end up in the courtroom, it’s up to someone to get them there in the first place. This job most often falls down to police officers. These individuals work both in uniform and undercover to protect individuals and their property around the country. As well as dealing with emergencies, they also maintain order in public spaces, investigate crimes, gather and present evidence, manage traffic, and patrol the streets. Now, there are various routes into policing, but to get as high up the ladder as possible you will need a good balance between education and experience. Consider enrolling for a degree such as a ba in policing. This is an online course aimed at those going into policing and already established police officers who want to improve their knowledge and skills.

Legal Education

If you already have experience as a lawyer but wish to change the course of your career, you may thrive in the realm of legal education. Not only will you be able to educate the next generation stepping into your specialism, but you will be able to give them advice from your own experiences too!

Court Reporting

Have you ever wondered who the person seated next to the judge and typing furiously is? Well, this individual is a court reporter. They are otherwise known as a stenographer. Their role is to note down absolutely everything that is said throughout the trial. This ensures that there is a hard copy of the complete series of events. They are also likely to transcribe other legal proceedings, hearings, and trials outside of the courtroom. While many legal institutions are now recording audio footage of legal proceedings, a court reporter is usually required to transcribe these too, so there’s almost always work about!

Court Interpreter

If you’re gifted with speaking more than one language, you could provide an indispensible service to individuals who don’t speak English in any given courtroom. You could serve as their translator, interpreting what they are saying to the rest of the courtroom and interpreting what is being said to and about them directly to them. There are a surprising number of cases taking place every day which require this service.

Though there are different facets, levels, and specialisms in these roles, bear in mind that they are just a few of the options available to you when it comes to the field of legal careers!