Not familiar with Teachable? Teachable is a very easy to use online platform to host your online courses. It helps you present your lessons in order, and helps you with the payouts/accepting creditcards and all that jazz.

What is Teachable?

Teachable (formerly “Fedora”) is a for-profit educational technology company based in New York that offers a social online learning platform designed to deliver massive open online courses. 

People who want to teach courses on Teachable can use the service for free, or sign up for a paid plan to use additional pedagogical and e-commerce tools

– Wikipedia

You can get started from $39 a month, or for free (this link only). I suggest you start for free, see if you like it and create your course first, before you invest in a monthly plan.

Teachable pricing and how to use Teachable for free instead of paying for a paid plan

To get started, first, if you’re not on Teachable yet, make sure to claim your free school via this link here now.

Create your free online school with Teachable by using this link. Awesome! Save hundred of dollars a month by signing up for free via this link

That done, it’s a total waste of just using Teachable for your online course. I’ve come up with a couple ideas of how you can use your school.

4 new ways to use Teachable besides just hosting your online courses for free

1. Create a new course that’s your ‘private affiliate area’

If you’re on the paid plan, you can add affiliates for free to your courses. I wrote about making more money with affiliates on autopilot here before, but I’ll explain quickly what this means. If you add affiliates to your course, you can create custom links for bloggers, friends and anyone that wants to promote your course (or product, see no. 4!). They make a % off every sale they make, you can set the % or $ yourself. Having a lot of affiliates for your products is great, but managing them can be though. You need to provide them with information about the course, with visuals and sale dates. Creating a custom course to create an affiliate area is a great idea. You can easily set up tutorials, information and more.

2. Create a new course that’s your ‘PR Media Center’

Integrating a private Teachable course to host your press releases is a great combination with automating your PR strategy using this tool.

A media center can give an overview of recent press releases, press visuals, press kits etc. I talk about media kits here a lot, I created a free course about it and I have a very compact and useful Crash Course PR & Free Publicity. Under 60 minutes I’ll help you up to speed with your (automated PR) strategy.

3. Create a membership site.

You create content on an ongoing basis and your loyal community members will pay a recurring fee to access the content. Membership sites are a great way to build a really strong connection with your followers and earning a little from it. I prefer to put everything out here for free atm, but if you have a super niche products and in need of building that strong connection with your followers and love to build a community, create your own membership site!

4. Sell your products.

Yep, you can sell online courses via Teachable, but heck yeah, you can sell so much more! Just create a new course for your new ebook or paid webinar. In my course $5k in 21-days I sum up a lot of product ideas, click here to get inspired and download the pdf.

What is Teachable and 4 new ways to use it besides hosting your online courses for free

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To learn more about the tools and programs mentioned in the article here is some information:



Affiliate marketing course

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