We all know how important growing an email list is to the success of your business. And if you’ve been following this blog and my newsletters and courses, you know I talk about Convertkit all the time, because I use it for literally everything. 

Next week, there is a free webinar on how to get your first (or next) 1,000 email subscribers hosted by friend Darrell Vesterfelt. Darrell is from ConvertKit, a email service provider that is geared toward bloggers and entrepreneurs who are serious about making money online. You can read here how I use Convert kit to automate my PR strategy.

Are you ready to get more readers, more sales, and better connections with your audience?

Darrell is a great teacher and has an incredible ability to break down advanced strategies into actionable steps.

There are so many pieces that make up a successful email list, product launch, and marketing automation for your audience. You end up connecting several different apps to clunky providers or paying hundreds of dollars for a high-level solution.

Darrell’s team was tired of doing that, so they built their own email marketing and automation program and called it ConvertKit. It turns out that many other people shared their frustrations so they shared their new solution with their friends.

This webinar is called: How to get your first (or next) 1,000 email subscribers

Here’s what Darrell is going to be teaching you in the webinar:

  • How to get your first 100 subscribers
  • One tactic to get 1,000 email subscribers in 7 days
  • How to automate your sales funnels

You’ll also see how easy all of this is with ConvertKit, and how fast you can get started. So, if you want to read more about Convertkit (you probably will, sorry!), I highly suggest registering for this webinar, even if you can’t make it live. If for some reason you can’t make it live, no worries. Darrell will make a replay available, but you still need to click that link to register.

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