Isn’t it great when you wake up in the morning, and just everything seems to be going your way? You’re on the top of your game, and the whole world seems to be a little bit brighter than usual. But then there are the other days, the times when we’re a bit down, low in confidence, and so on — then, just getting through the day can be a struggle. But what if there was a way to push yourself toward these great days, rather than leaving it up to chance? Well, there is. Below, we take a look at a few tried and tested ways for feeling your best, every single day.

Get Moving

If you ever find yourself in a funk, you should permit yourself to wallow in it for a little while, but you should avoid building a home there. The best way to get yourself out of those ruts is to get moving. Getting up and active will always reward you. Note that this doesn’t have to mean spending time in the gym, necessarily — it could be going to an event, taking a trip, or whatever. You might be surprised by just how much of a difference taking steps forward can have.

Spend Time Outdoors

It’s understandable that we all spend so much time indoors. It’s warmer there, we can create our own environment, and in any case, it’s not like we always have a choice: we do have to go to work, after all. Yet there’s a secret about the natural world that you should know: it can be fantastic for your physical and mental health. Study after study has shown that spending anywhere from fifteen minutes to a few hours in the great outdoors can have a hugely positive impact on your life. So give it a go! You’ll find that there is a natural area somewhere close to where you live, so make it your mission to spend time there.

Going Deeper

The wellness trend of the last couple of decades has produced some pretty big findings, and now we know more than ever about what we need to really feel great. The case for the benefits of meditation, for example, is no longer just anecdotal: neuroscientists have shown that it really does make a difference to the way you think, for the better. It’s all about taking care of what’s going on “under the hood.” If something doesn’t feel quite right, then hormone replacement therapy might work for you — it goes deeper than other methods. If you take care of what’s going on in your mind and body, then you’ll find it much easier to feel at your best.

Goodbye to Bad Habits

Finally, be sure to get rid of your bad habits. You might have normalised things like eating fast food, drinking alcohol, or smoking cigarettes, but they’ll drag you down, in time. Say goodbye to the bad habits, say hello to good habits, and you’ll find that you have more great days than not! 

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