When you’re part of a property chain, you don’t want your house sitting on the market forever! You want to get out of there as soon as possible, and into that property you have your heart set on before somebody else claims the keys.

But how can you ensure your home sells quickly? Well, there are a number of things you can try, and we will detail some of them here.

#1: Sell to a reputable house-buying company

Such companies will take your home off your hands for a cash sum, and as is the case with Gem Homes,  transactions could take place in as little as a week. You might not get the full market value for your home (although it’s worth researching those companies who will give you the most money), but you can rule out such things as listing fees and realtor expenses. It’s a valid option and is certainly worth considering if you’re looking to leave your current home in a hurry. 

#2: Use more than one real-estate agent

Did you know you could hire more than one real-estate agent to sell your home? Under a joint agency or multiple agency deal, you can hire more than one, and the agent who sells your home will get the entirety or the lion’s share of the commission. In theory, using more than one agent will ensure your home sells faster because the agents will be in competition with each other, even when they are working together. You can learn more about how this works in this UK site, but no matter where you are in the world, similar options should apply to you.

#3: Boost your home’s value

If your home is the most sought-after property in the neighborhood, you should have little trouble selling it quickly. So, to ensure your home gets the attention it deserves, consider a few value-boosting updates before putting it on the market. As examples, you might landscape your garden to improve the curb appeal. You could add those smart features that many home buyers are interested in today. And even a fresh lick of paint here and there can do much to boost your home’s appeal. Check out our previous link for more advice and speak to a professional realtor for further ideas. 

#4: Impress potential home buyers

You will certainly impress potential home buyers if you follow our last point, but there is more you can do. If you can make it easy for them to view your property, you are less likely to lose their interest. By having the relevant paperwork at hand on the home’s history, you will be able to answer their questions quickly. And if you can sweeten the deal, perhaps by leaving some of your furnishings behind if they take an interest in them, you might be able to sway them to your side. Follow the previous link for some other good ideas.

So, we hope you found this article useful, especially if you’re currently thinking about moving home. We wish you every success with your move and a very speedy sale!

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