Remodelling is an exciting word for the house proud people out there. Every once in awhile it’s time to give your home a revamp; from the features to the furnishings, colors and accessories. Modern remodels will often prioritize energy-efficient fixtures and fittings which are great for your bank balance in the long run. More importantly, you’ll be doing your bit to live a greener lifestyle. Of course, interior design takes a little planning, and it can be hard to know where to start. To make life a whole lot easier, have a go on these four nifty apps.

Art Placer

Want to see what an art piece looks like on your wall before you buy it? With Art Placer, you can do just that. One of the great things about Art Placer is that the app can scale the piece of art in the room, with perspective. Due to this, you’ll get yourself a completely accurate idea of what the art will look like. Users of the app can select an image, or upload one of their own. The photo library on Art Placer includes options of art fair booths and galleries plus kitchens or living rooms.


Hutch has been described as a ‘ virtual dressing room for your house’. With this app, you can take a look at furniture, accessories and decor options from a variety of brands. Using Hutch, you can test several different combinations, designs and products. The technology allows you to see precisely how these products and styles will look in your desired rooms. Once you’ve made a decision, you can purchase all the interior items that you need there and then on the app.

Bright Nest

With Bright Nest, you can keep your home looking lovely by getting yourself good and organized. The app guides you in tackling key tasks with tips, reminders and a personal schedule. Whether it’s interior design concepts or cleaning hacks; with Bright Nest, you’ll get your home in tip-top shape. Here you’ll find a fun ‘home quiz’ which provides you with personalized tips and articles based on your answers. Learn about the simple ways to increase your home’s value or ideas to make your home smell amazing!

Houzz Interior Designs

With the Houzz app, you’ll get yourself excellent home interior ideas, choose to browse by room or style. There’s a sketch feature so you can annotate the photos that you choose, plus it’s easy to share with friends or professionals as appropriate. There’s a handy ‘View in My Room’ feature, which uses the camera on your phone to check out what that table or sofa will look like. There’s also a section where you can get feedback on your design ideas.

Once you’ve got your remodel planned, from color schemes to materials and styles, it’s time to find the perfect professionals to complete the work. When it comes to remodeling companies, be sure to choose a company with plenty of experience. You’ll want to ensure a top-quality service for your home.

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