We all have dreams of going to exotic places, experiencing the culture, meeting the people… well, what’s the point in thinking about it if you can’t afford to do it? You’re in luck, however, as we’re about to give you five easy ways that you can earn money whilst travelling, so you don’t have to have loads of cash saved up to do it. Is there anything bad about this? We can’t think of anything…


This one’s a classic, and everybody knows that teaching abroad can allow you to travel without having loads of savings. All you need is a TEFL (and you may not even need this in some cases), and a passion for travel and teaching, and you’ll be able to find a great job in any country. Be careful what company you choose, but if you find a good one they may even pay for your flights and accommodation.

Work in bars and restaurants

If you don’t have the time or money for a TEFL, you can still work abroad, so don’t worry! Bars and restaurants are always looking for members of staff, and if you can speak English it is usually easy to get a job, especially within cities. Have a look at job openings wherever you’re looking at going.

Use your skills

If you have a Bachelor’s degree or something further than this, then your job options are likely to be a bit more open. If you’re a nurse, you can find a job in a variety of places here, and if you have any other skill, make sure that you put it to good use wherever it is that you want to go. Don’t waste the opportunity to use that qualification you worked for!


We would say this, but if you’re a freelancer, you can do this anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a job that you can do online, and you’ll be in the money. The same applies if you’re a blogger, and freelancing has a variety of opportunities for whatever it is that you’d like to do. So get writing! Read the Ultimate Guide To Blogging to get started in your blogging journey.

Tour guide

If you’ve found the place of your dreams and you want to stay for a while, getting a job as a tour guide is a great idea. Other travelers will find you relatable if you were once in the same position, and they’ll love to meet someone who knows the ins-and-outs of the place as a foreigner. Don’t be shy, look into showing others what you love!

So there we have it, five ways to earn money whilst traveling, and you don’t have to have a lot of money in the bank to succeed. Whether you’re a freelance ninja or you’d prefer a hands-on role at a restaurant or bar, there is something out there for you, if you only take a second to look! So go out and experience the world, and earn money at the same time. Win-win…

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