There are many common mistakes that get made when building a website in the hopes of a booming business. Here is a list of all the worst ones that you should avoid doing at all costs.

Choosing a domain that nobody can spell or remember

It’s so easy for businesses to overthink their domain name, and the risk of this is choosing something far too intricate that people won’t be able to remember properly or spell correctly. So although you want something great, keep it sweet and simple for your customers to find you, and then remember you.

Spending more money on business cards than your web host

The internet is what runs the world now, not a business card. Having said that, they are still useful, but they aren’t the ‘key’ anymore, and you should already know this by now.

So put your money on the priorities, like a top quality website that advertises your services to the best of its ability, and brings in potential customers who won’t want to leave.


Using an impersonal business email address

This happens so often, and yet people don’t seem to even realize or take it into account. But if you go to all the lengths of investing in a super fancy website that looks classy and works perfectly, only to use a contact email like ‘@hotmail’ or ‘@yahoo’ – you tend to lose the professional appearance quite a bit.

Trying to deal with all the finances yourself

Other than running a site for promotional purposes, you most likely use it as an online store too, and if that’s the case, you will be dealing with transactions every day. Don’t try and tackle all the financial accounts alone, because you will sooner or later end up missing something of importance. So hire yourself a professional bookkeeper to ensure the money is being managed correctly in a consistent and efficient manner.

Providing a slow experience for visitors

No one wants to be sitting around waiting ten minutes for a website page to load, only to wait for another ten when you open up another link. It’s not helpful, and people don’t have time for things like that anymore – it’s 2017, not 2003. Technology has improved so much, so if for some reason you’re still stuck with software from the past, you’re going to miss out on a lot of business because of this. Your site should take a millisecond to load… If it takes seven seconds – it’s far too slow.

7 things that harm your website

Hosting with a company that prevents success

Whenever you team up with a hosting company, always always always make sure you read up on the fine print of the contract. Believe it or not, there are many sites that only allow you a maximum number of visitors. So let’s say you become more and more popular, and customers keep stopping by to check you out – that’s the dream! Up until the website blocks your site and makes it unavailable to audiences because you have reached your maximum number of 15,000 visitors.

7 things that harm your website