Getting your brand name out there is essential to any small business, but there are so many ways to do this, how do you know which ways are the most effective? Here are nine inspiring ways to market your small business. 

Custom Water Bottles

One way that you could put your branding in the hands of potential customers is to create custom water bottles with your branding on the labels. Find a custom water bottle company that will print your logo onto a water bottle and hand out the bottled water at events. 

Get Into the Local Paper 

Has something newsworthy happened in your business recently? Why not write a press release about it and send it to the local paper. You may have a feature written about your business which will stand out more than any advert that you can buy- and it’s free. 

Carry Business Cards

Everyone you ever meet could be a potential customer or client. If you ever get talking to anyone about what you can do, pass them a business card and you never know, they may come and use your services or buy your products in the near future. 

Get Testimonials 

If you want to attract new customers, why not let your previous customers do the selling for you? Ask some of your old customers if they wouldn’t mind writing up a testimonial for your business. Having someone else providing evidence that you deliver great service will help persuade new customers of what you’re all about. 

Sponsor An Event 

Although this is an expensive option, sponsoring an event will mean that there will be plenty of opportunities to advertise wherever you like and however you like. You’ll be putting your business in front of a wider audience. 

Guest Blog 

By making friends with some influential blog owners, you may be able to wangle yourself a slot writing a guest post. This will not only give you the opportunity to talk up your brand to a wider audience, but it will also allow you the chance to place backlinks to your site which will benefit your search engine optimization

Get Social 

Social media should be a no-brainer in any marketing strategy. But it should go deeper than just sharing information about your business and your products on your page. Add value to your social media accounts by sharing videos, photos, and articles that your customers will find interesting and inspiring. Then, engage with your customers in the comment section and allow yourself to become a friend to them. 

Send Thank You Cards

If you work with the same clients over a long period of time, sending them ‘thank you’ cards or small gifts can be a nice token to show that you appreciate them. It will also give that personal touch. 

Reward Repeat Custom 

Bringing customers back to use your products or services again should be your goal all of the time. You could reward repeat custom by offering discounts or exclusive products and services. 

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