The coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for global economies, affecting 72.3% of workers as of June 2020 (according to the ILO). With some economies gradually getting back on their feet, many business owners are wondering if now is the right time to reopen. If reopening your offices and going back to work is no longer a choice but a necessity, check out these four sure safety tips to get your office space ready.

Clean and Sanitize Your Workspace

Health experts have encouraged the use of hand sanitizers and cleaning supplies at your work area or workstation. It also helps to abstain from coming in contact with handrails and different surfaces whenever possible. When you touch door handles, lift catches, or other objects that are frequently used by others, wash your hands afterwards. Surfaces and objects like telephones, desks, and others are exposed to droplets and become hotspots for harmful organisms. This increases the risk of contracting the virus without knowledge. 

Opt for Safe Public Transport or Avoid Commuting with Others

A 2016 census in the United States showed that 9% of the population commute to work using a carpool, with 5.1% using public transport. As small as they might appear, these figures are considerably large, looking at the US population as a whole. These forms of transport automatically put people into close contact and at risk of contracting the virus. If possible, find alternative means of transport or protect yourself with hand sanitizers and masks and wipe surfaces well before touching them. Apart from protecting yourself from the virus, pay attention to the road to avoid accidents when driving. But if you ever get into one and get injured, you can benefit from legal help after an accident

Raise Your Concerns to Your Employer 

Many employees struggle to voice their concerns at the workplace due to the fear of victimization and dismissal to an extreme level. However, it’s best for everyone to face your fears and raise concerns. How you choose to relay your concerns will likely affect the kind of feedback you get. If you find something that makes you feel unsafe, adopt a non-confrontational approach in revealing your concerns. While it may be scary, there’s a chance that speaking up will save you and others from possible harm. 

Practice Social Distancing 

As recommended by the center for disease control, stay six feet from others, and always wear a protective mask or face shield. Some suggested measures to help maintain social distancing are marking work areas with either floor tapes or paint, and providing notices to remind people to keep a 2m space. Another measure is to restrict the sharing of equipment between employees. This will help minimize the risk of spreading infection at the workplace.   

It is normal to feel anxious about going back to the office, especially during this pandemic. Therefore, it is essential to consider a few things, such as those mentioned here, to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the return.   

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