All of a sudden you find yourself in October. After 9 months of traveling, September flew by! And what better way to end this year than being SU-PER productive? So time to give my productivity a boost. September and December are probably my most productive months normally, but this September was different because I basically needed to restart life again.. thinking about new freelance jobs, a new apartment, a new phone.. stuff like that. So what better way to start a new chapter in October than by being super productive? And I’m taking you with me on this journey because you’ll benefit too!

A new chapter and being super productive

| What’s on my list? |

So, I must admit, I’m a long time procrastinator because I always find new inspiration for new things and then I ‘kind of forget’ about the old stuff that was on my list… So of course, after 9 months of ‘sort of doing nothing’ but surviving the day and finding new places to sleep almost every one or two days, it’s time to make a list of things that need to be done before the clock ticks 2016!

This story is gonna be a huge confession of a crazy creative entrepreneur who wants to do too much and has not enough energy or time in a day to do it all. But of course, it will always be on my to do list somewhere… time to do it all!!

| YES, I can do it all! |

First on that huge list would be, sorting out my world trip photos. I have about 1TB of photos, and I’ve been dreading this for a while now.. it needs to be done because not only some of the photos are really amazing, but also because I have to cherish the memories! So first point on the list is creating a scrapbook kind of photo book full of travel memories! And second point on the list is publish the photos on the blog! You have control in this, please remind me if I don’t finish this one soon enough 😉

Another thing that I really, really need to finish is my ebook! I’ve been working for a while now on my ebook and it’s basically done. I just need to find time to launch and publish and promote and stuff like that so I’ve kind of put it away for some other time… well, guess what Noni, that time will never come. I will always be busy so launch the sh*t outta there! Please sign up for the ebook newsletter, I’m really excited about it and I cannot wait to keep you posted! (third point)

Another thing I really wanna share with you guys because it’s a HUGE problem in my daily productivity are apps like OneTab, Bloglovin’, Pinterest and Pocket. Why? Because I save a lot of things ‘to do’ or ‘to read later’, but then, in the end, I NEVER DO because later is always later.. (surprise!). But, I do feel like I need to do, which gives me a massive unproductive feeling, while I might have worked really good that day. But I have like 250 articles to read, so I’ll never feel really satisfied with how my day went until I finish them. But it’s not work either, so, uhm, I’m stuck in my own systems. Such a sad story. I need to work on it. I need to save less articles, websites and tabs and read more, or less, depending on how you see it. I need to want to read less, and read more of what I already opened! Voila. Goal: read everything before 31th of December. (fourth point)

| Write more |

I write about 2000 words a day, but the problem is, I don’t publish them all. Some are for clients, but I also write a lot of stuff that won’t be published on my own platforms right away – like the ebook for example. I should focus better and write more that will be published directly. Because I know I haven’t blogged on a daily basis the previous months, but I did write on a daily basis! So stupid. I should publish daily blogs and write on the side for clients and my future projects. Right? So the challenge is: focus on my daily blogs and client work! And of course, future projects. (fifth point)

| Change my business |

The next one is a big one. I’ll change my business (point six)! I’ve been blogging for over 11 years now, and it’s still very exciting, I’m happy to go to work daily and my favourite day of the week is Monday.. but I need to change some things. I just realised, why should I work for clients too, if I can put that energy in my own blogs and business and earn a full income with them? Duh! (Very soon I’ll devote a single blog post to this). I should focus more on what I really like to do (taking photos and write, mixed with a touch of styling, entrepreneurship and PR) instead of what brings in good money, doing the same but for somebody else. So it’s time to grow my own sh*t and work less with clients. So you might see this month a few more ads on the blogs, but I really hope I can swap them soon for my own products! Because of course, I have a bunch of new ideas ready to go, but I never have time to really perfect them. So I should and I will. I’ll drop a few hints the upcoming weeks. (Once again, I’m really excited about them, please sign up to stay in the know!)

| E-mail, E-mail.. and the inbox zero problems |

So, a super productive kick off of my ‘new company’? Yep, most bloggers and online natives receive a shockingly amount of emails. Nothing new, I’m one of them too. At least 50+ e-mails a day and I receive more and more every week! Horrible while traveling but at home, it’s manageable with a little planning. So the past months of 2015 I wasn’t really in my top game when it came to e-mail, and I need to get back to it. So I’ll try my best to see the bottom of my inbox each week at least once or twice! (point seven).

This is the point I don’t know if I have anything other on my lists, so at this point, after the most irritating first 7 points, I have to grab my digital to do list to see some of the things I really forget all the time. Okay so, I checked my list and basically, it’s full of 100+ ideas, not really ‘to do’s’.. oops. But I guess that’s good, because that would make a full circle with point six.

So, 2015 gives me exactly 3 months to complete my mission. Will you follow this *Get Sh*t Done* journey and create your own too?