Not many of us like to think about retirement. Sure, many of us are looking forward to being relieved of the burden of our jobs. But retiring at an old age doesn’t seem like the optimal way to do it! Still, retirement age is something many of us will have to deal with. Avoiding the issue can put you at a severe disadvantage in your later years.

It’s important that you don’t allow control of your pension to slip out of your hands. This is a mistake a lot of people make. They leave it up to other vague forces to deal with their retirement funds. And when the day comes where they need to collect the savings, they may find themselves filled with regret.

Your pension is something you can take a lot more control with than you may think. You should definitely be exploring these kinds of options so you don’t end up losing out later. 

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Different options

Your retirement fund is often managed in part by your employer. That can definitely make things a lot easier to deal with. But you shouldn’t just assume that the retirement plan your employer is providing is the best plan available to you.

You should get a grasp on just how many options you have when it comes to retirement plans. Often, the way employer-managed funds work out is that the best deal is calculated across an average of employee data. That means you might end up getting a worse deal than you’re entitled to.

Property Purchases

One of the most common goals in retirement is to own property. For some, it’s because they want another asset to add to their portfolio. For most, however, it’s simply a case of finally getting to own a home. The problem with getting property at some point in the distant future is that prices could go up to astonishing levels by then.

That’s why a lot of people would prefer to have access to their retirement fund before retirement, in order to buy property now. But for most plans, this can be a problem. Early withdrawal of funds often come with heavy penalties, after all. You may want to consider getting in touch with Blueprint Wealth’s Self Managed Super Fund department. Buying or renting a property with your fund may not be as difficult as you think.

An essential guide to taking control of your retirement funds

The method of your payout

The largest ever disbursement most people will ever receive is their retirement payout. That is if they choose to take it as a lump sum, which many do. In fact, the lump sum is what more and more people are looking forward to these days.

While there are many benefits to a lump sum payout, you should always explore your other options. In fact, it’s worth finding out now just how many payout options are available to you. Traditionally, people took monthly payments that would act as a steady income in retirement.

This obviously allows for a lot of variance in payment amount and regularity. Make sure you know where you stand when it comes to the payout in your future.