It’s easy to feel a bit scrooge during the celebrations. After all, we have just got over Thanksgiving. And now everyone is full on Christmas mode. And for some people, it can drive them mad.

But there is an answer if you want to escape the Christmas madness; travel!

However, it can be a challenge to afford a holiday in just four weeks time. Therefore, here are some hacks you need to afford a last-minute break to escape the holidays! 

Look online for deals

The best thing you can do is get searching online. There are some websites out there which specialize in last-minute breaks. That way, you can find a holiday which is within your budget in just a few weeks time. Also, check out comparison sites; just enter your dates and the destination.

It will show you the prices for each site so that you know you are going with the cheapest option. And remember to check out flight companies that are less well-known. They might have some options left that they are selling for a low price!

Ask for an advance at work

Obviously, if you book a holiday with a few weeks to go, you will have to pay the full balance straight away. It can be difficult if it’s a lot of money in one go, and your savings can’t cover it. However, there are some ways you can get some money to afford your anti-Christmas holiday.

For one thing, you could always ask for an advance at work. If your pay isn’t due yet, explain the situation to your boss and see if they could be lenient on this occasion. If this is a no-go, you might want to ask a family member or friend to lend you the money.

That way, you can make the break and then pay them back once you have got your monthly wage. Or the other option would be to go for a short-term loan; just make sure you can afford to pay it back.

Otherwise, you could end up paying back a ton of interest. You can get short loans worldwide such as on

Do a house swap

You could even make like Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz in ‘The Holiday’ and swap homes for a week! Maybe you’ll meet your own Jude Law along the way… That way, you could end up going to a destination which is remote.

And staying at someone’s property is often a lot cheaper than a hotel during the expensive December months! You will even have a kitchen so won’t have to fork out a load of money on food. Just make sure you use a legitimate site so that you don’t turn up to find the home doesn’t exist.

Want to escape the holidays? Afford a last-minute break with these hacks

Visit somewhere unique

If you want to be able to afford a last-minute break, you should go somewhere unique for the holidays. After all, they are less likely to be fully booked and will be cheaper last-minute. Therefore, look online to discover unique places.

And make sure you choose somewhere that is less likely to be celebrating the holidays. You can get some ideas of where to escape to on

And remember if you struggle to find a hotel for your break, you could always camp. Check out my previous blog for amazing places to camp!

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