Business trips are stressful. They often involve presentations, conversing with high-end clients or people who rank higher than you in the business. It’s all very high pressure. You don’t need any extra worries on top of the inevitable. So make sure that you’re completely organized and prepared before stepping out of the door. Here are a few things to consider.


You might be able to make it to the destination by car or coach. But if there’s a flight available, always opt for the flight. You will get there in less time, which leaves more time for you to prep properly. You will also arrive fresher faced and in a much better mood than if you’ve just spent ten hours on a coach with a wailing child and an awkward neighbor who doesn’t take the hint that you don’t want a conversation.


Check whether there are any VISA requirements for your destination. These will need to be applied for well in advance, so make sure that you know what you need and apply earlier than necessary.


You’re going to need somewhere to stay. If you know that you have a big business conference, meeting or interview coming up, make sure to book a place to stay somewhere well in advance. We’d advise a high-end hotel, such as Hong Kong north point hotel. Why? Well, if you find yourself having an engaging conversation with clients or colleagues, hours can pass. When places start to close, a good quality hotel will always have a nice bar open where you can continue your talk. Make sure that the hotel you book can also accommodate your needs when it comes to checking in and checking out. If your flight is going to be getting you to your destination at an inconvenient hour, you don’t want to be waiting around until mid-afternoon to check in. Also, make sure that they have a baggage storage facility if you need to make appointments after your check out.


Make sure you pack absolutely everything necessary. Laptops, notes, handouts, important documents, reservation details. Whatever you could need for the business side of your trip: check, double check and triple check that it is packed safely in your case before you leave your home. Don’t miss little things like phone chargers, laptop chargers, and identification. Take an extra change of clothes, just in case you end up with accidental stains or spills on your outfit of choice.

Arranging the perfect business trip you love

Cultural Knowledge

If your trip is taking place in a country with a different national language to your native language, make sure to brush up on the basics of the foreign language. This will be invaluable once you arrive at your destination. Not only does it show a mark of respect for the local culture, but it can come in handy when trying to find directions and politely thank people who help you. Also, bear in mind local customs. Make sure you know the local etiquette, so as not to offend anyone and to act appropriately and respectfully.

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