It has long been shown that the happier and more content employees are, the more they will invest in their work. If they enjoy coming to work, then will enjoy doing their work. That will make the work environment a better place. But ultimately, it will make profits better too. Employees that are disgruntled or unhappy are just going to do the minimum when it comes to work. So it makes lots of sense to keep your employees happy. You can do some extravagant and big things, as well as smaller things. Just make sure that you are doing something and it will make a big difference. So what can you do to help keep your employees happy? Here are some ideas. 

Set Expectations

It might sound like an odd point to start with. But people can become frustrated when they don’t have a clear set of expectations. We like to be told what is expected of us. So don’t just presume that they know. Then it gives them a clear set of guidelines, and they know when things need to be done by. It will make the work day more productive when they have deadlines for instance. It is also good to give regular feedback. In life, we often only think about what giving feedback when something is wrong. But we also need to give feedback when something is done well too. It motivates and inspires, especially in the workplace. If they know their work is being recognized, it goes a long way.

Arrange Treats or Away Days

We all know how nice it is to get out of the office for a day. So when there is an event or away planned, it can give them a morale boost. It also helps the team bond and get to know each other better. This should help with the environment when you get back into the office. You could arrange an outdoor team building type of activity. You could arrange a corporate golf day or just to go and have a team lunch somewhere. Try and arrange these activities fairly often. Once a quarter is a good idea, but will depend on budget and workload, of course.

Make the Workplace Family Friendly

One of the biggest stressors in life is getting the work and life balance wrong. So if you don’t have things already in place, have a flexible schedule for the team to take a few hours off for a school event, for example. You could also be more flexible with how the team work. If they are able to work on their computer from home, it means that they won’t have to take a sick day when they are looking after a sick child. It might also be a good idea to arrange some kind of deal with a local child care center. If they could offer a discount to your employees, it would mean better business for both of you. When your team feel valued, they will be much more productive.

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