Being on the road full-time, part-time or long-term can ask a lot from your body. There are a few hacks you can practice to minimize your travel sickness to stay healthy and enjoy your holiday (and let’s be honest, avoid the ridiculous hospital bills!). 

Avoid travel sickness

  1. First, listen to your body. This might sound a bit vague, but when I’m extremely tired (or even a little) I always make sure to get some (extra) rest. I don’t care if I only have 12 hours in one place, my body needs its rest. If you constantly ‘over use’ your body’s reserves, you’ll crash down hard at one point. And I’m sure you don’t have time either when it happens.
  2. Stay hydrated, with clean water. Always do a Google search on the tap water in the area you’re staying, this can be different from city to city in the same country, so never only search for the country you’re in. Drink at least 2 liters of water, even if you don’t have money to buy a bottle of water, and never swap your water intake for beer! We’ve all been there, on that waaay too much fun booze cruise or night out, but it’s not smart and your hangover will let you know the next morning. If you’re in super warm places like the desert, drink more. If you’re doing extreme sports or hiking, drink more.
  3. Stay active. It’s super easy to just enjoy the city, never move again and get really lazy when you travel. But especially when you travel it’s important to stay active, so walk when you can (saves money on that bus ticket!) and try to enjoy outdoor activities like snorkeling, hiking or skiing. Most of us know that short term or long term is horrible for your health, because in general you never go as often to the gym as at home (or even at all!).
  4. Find that hostel with a blender or mixer and use it for green smoothies. I seriously wish I had a travel mini mixer to bring with me when I travel because I always miss my green smoothie morning ritual. Blending fruits and veggies is the quickest way to pump up your well being and to get the necessary vitamins to stay healthy. Renting an Airbnb or a hostel with a kitchen is always the healthier option, because you can cook yourself.
  5. Wash your hands. This one is obvious, but try not to eat something with your hands if you haven’t washed them. When you travel you pick up different germs than home, and it’s no surprise you’re more likely to catch something from them.
  6. Beat the jetlag. Don’t give in! Stay awake as long as you need to follow the local schedule. Do plan a lazy day with a book near the pool for example, don’t over ask too much from your body and plan a hike or full day out the first day.
  7. Read the TripAdvisor reviews from a restaurant you’re planning to visit to avoid any belly problems. This can really help! Sometimes restaurants look clean, but aren’t.. reviews can help in this case. Otherwise, go where to locals go, especially if that means you have to wait in line for a bit!
  8. Always travel with a first aid pack. You might not need it most of the times and it can feel like a burden (hey, your backpack is small) but when you need it, you’re happy. I experienced this myself, when I was in Fiji and cut open my feet. On the tiny island itself they didn’t had any, so I was so happy me and my fellow travelers had all the first aid essentials I needed.
  9. Always book your travel insurance BEFORE you leave. Just in case when something happens, better safe than sorry. I recommend the travel insurance from World Nomads, trusted by major travel companies like Lonely Planet (and your truly lol). Oh and btw, if you’re already on the road, you can still book your travel insurance via World Nomads, awesome service!

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