When thinking of ways to make a property more valuable, most people think of interior improvements such as loft conversions and new kitchens. However, you can also add value to your home by improving the exterior. Below are just a few backyard improvements that can add value to your home.

Tidy it up

If your backyard has become an unruly jungle, cutting it back and tidying up could be a simple way of adding some extra value.  Start by mowing the grass – if you haven’t got a lawnmower, you can find more info here on some of the best basic models. After this, focus on pruning back plants and trimming branches. Keep on top of this general maintenance while your home is on the market

Add patio or decking

Adding a hard surface like a patio or decking is likely to also add value to your home. Such surfaces are great for creating designated social areas in your backyard. Generally speaking, decking adds more value but costs more money up front to install.

Add a shed

Some backyards don’t have a shed. Adding a shed could boost the value of your home – a shed is an added opportunity for storage making it a sought-after feature. Or to finally build a he-shed, a place where he can chill and do his own thing. Here are some he shed ideas to inspire you. You could get contractors to build a shed for you or you could try building your own shed (just make sure that it is built to high quality).

Plant a tree

You could also add value to your home by planting a tree in a strategic location. Some trees can provide shade while others may be used to improve your home’s privacy. They can also be useful at attracting nature to one’s backyard. Unfortunately, you may have to wait a while until the tree is fully grown for it to add value – a sapling isn’t going to have the same appeal.

Add outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting will help your home look more spectacular after dusk, as well as serving as a deterrent to thieves. Consequently, it can be a means of adding value to your home. Just make sure that any lighting is strategically placed to create the most striking impression. Motion-sensing lighting is a popular choice as it uses a lot less power than permanent lighting.

Improvements that don’t add value…

There are some backyard improvements that you might be surprised to hear do not add value (or at least not enough value to make up for the costs). These include:

  •         Swimming pools
  •         Hot tubs
  •         Ponds
  •         Fountains
  •         Topiary

While such improvements will add a sense of luxury to your home, they are expensive investments that require a lot of maintenance. Not all buyers will be willing to put in the required upkeep. For this reason, such improvements may not add any value (a swimming pool might add some value, but you’ll likely spend a lot more money building it than you get out of it).

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