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Last Updated on by Noni May

Ha, who are we kidding? Summer is still here! I honestly thought summer was over but it’s a very promising September thus far, with a promise of 28C tomorrow, we decided to do a very spontaneous trip to the beach house on Sunday.

I was in pain but made it anyways thanks to the very convenient ‘pick up’ by car, drop off by car.

I’m a bit lost when it comes to my body (how can I cope with the pain?) and my business, so I’m trying to bring back the fun in my life.

When it comes to blogging I realized, I really missed the kind of blogging I did pre-traveling. More travel content, more lifestyle and less blogging + business talk.

I feel like I can definitely say everything I want about blogging and business in my courses, and that I should blog more about my personal life, so I decided to publish more photos and things I love!

Let’s bring back the fun!

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(At the time Huji app was the app of the summer, so sorry if some of the photos are taken in Huji haha)




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