There are new bloggers entering the industry every day, but it is rare that you find one who can make a living from writing about what they love (check out my ultimate guide to making a living blogging with a small following here). Using the right blog promotion strategies is important.

However, there are some successful bloggers out there who have monetized their blog and turned it into a viable career option.

Blog promotion strategies you need to use

A big part of seeing success from your blog is making, sure enough, people visit it and read your content. Using the right blog promotion strategies is really important. How to promote your blog for free? You’ll read it blow.

This means that you must take time to promote your blog across various mediums if you are hoping to attract both readers and potential investment.

This can be tricky on top of your other blogging commitments, but there are some fun and easy tips you should take note of if you are searching for more success.

Refine your content

Before you start promoting your writing, it is essential that you ensure it is free of grammatical errors, loaded with imaginative ideas, and that it is aimed perfectly towards your target audience. Your content does a lot of your promotion work for you; if people see that it is great work, they will be more likely to come back and visit.

They will also be likely to share your content on social media, which can help you attract more people to your blog. You should also make sure the design of your blog fits your niche, as this will draw people in further, and make it easy for them to read your content without getting distracted.

You can download the free checklist on how to update old blog posts for more traffic & sales here, I created the list after personally testing it all out and updating old blog posts with this strategy in mind

Host an event

Despite changes in the way blogs are promoted online, it is sometimes best to stick to old but golden ways to promote your brand. In fact, it is still common for bloggers to host events, where they can invite followers, other bloggers, and even celebrities to come and endorse their brand.

As with any promotional event, it’s wise to fill your venue with promotional goods that people can take home as a reminder of who you are and what you write about. Custom water bottles and personalized water bottles are a great way to go with this and work especially well if you are blogging in the fitness industry.

Buying water bottles in bulk is not as expensive as you might think, especially for custom sports water bottles. In fact, there are some great outlets online where you can find the right merchandise for your event.

Use social media

These days, it is rare to see a blogger without a presence on social media. Sites like Instagram have become the perfect place to promote your personal brand and your blog. It helps to have a large following on these channels, as it means more people will see your content every time you post.

It is also key to crack the Instagram algorithm so that you can get your posts onto other peoples’ timelines and gather new followers. Once you have a substantial number of followers, you can spend time directing people to new content.

Although short, snappy blogs are still popular among audiences; you should bear in mind that vlogging is a great way to capture the attention of younger followers. This works especially well for travel and beauty bloggers, where you can post sneak-peek clips of your videos to draw people to your blog.

How to promote your blog for free

If you want to use free tools and strategies to promote your blog for free, make sure you check out this strategy I personally use to get my blog in the press. If you make sure your SEO-strategy is on point, you can get a lot of traffic via search engines. And as you know, I love Pinterest, but you have to put in the work to promote it for free. I use a tool to automatically create, schedule and pin new pins.

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