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Hello Kitty High Tea


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I did it! I finally did the Hello Kitty High Tea I wrote earlier about. And the best thing? It was even more amazing than expected! So.. recently I discovered something great. In my old hometown there’s a restaurant that serves a Hello Kitty High Tea. Explanation point, explanation point. So – I had to try it as soon as possible.

We’ve had sushi at the place before, but we never tried the high tea. We didn’t really know what to expect except a lot of cuteness and Hello Kitty. When we arrived the restaurant was already crowded. So, was this the hotspot everybody already discovered but never shared with me? Not everybody knew about the high tea, because we had a lot of people looking at us (read: looking to hello kitty!). Hopefully everybody will share the love for Hello Kitty soon!

Hello Kitty High Tea

Good thing about the place is that you can sit in a cubicle (reservation necessary to guarantee your seat I guess) and you have a lot of privacy. Ok, so the seats where great, let’s go back to the high tea. The Hello Kitty tea is served with a pot of (Hello Kitty) tea, and exists of sushi, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese cake, chocolate, cookies and a bean pastry.

Hello Kitty High Tea

First it looked like a bit less for a high tea, but it was MORE than enough for two. We really love food and loved every minute of it. My friend was especially enthusiastic about the bean pastry, and I really loved the cheesecake. It was definitely worth to get glutened with.

Hello Kitty High Tea

The High Tea is hosted by Set Genki Tei in The Hague, the Netherlands. They have not only a restaurant in The Hague, but also a Hello Kitty SET Cafe next to the restaurant, a noodle place in Rotterdam and a restaurant in Arnhem!

Hello Kitty High Tea

Did I get you all excited? Visit the address below to reserve a table and enjoy your Hello Kitty High tea!

Hello Kitty High Tea The Hague Netherlands


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