Visiting Australia for the first time on my around the world trip, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t really do any research, I just wanted to go and be surprised. Of course, I knew about kangaroos, the Opera house, and Melbourne, but that was about it (yes really). Arriving, I was immediately obsessed: it’s the best country in the world! There’s so much to explore, too much to explore to be honest and the people are so nice. Now I’m here again for a few months (or years, I dunno), I’m building the ultimate Australian Travel Guide for you on the blog, and the ultimate Australian Bucketlist cannot miss! I already crossed off a few items, how about you? 
The Big Australian Bucket List

Scuba dive The Great Barrier Reef

I haven’t done this one because I haven’t visited up north on the East Coast yet, but it’s on my list! How can one visit Australia without seeing or swimming the Great Barrier Reef?

The Big Australian Bucket List

See a wild kangaroo

Seeing wild kangaroos is the ultimate Australian experience, and I especially love seeing them on the beach. Across Australia you can see them, so don’t worry, you’ll see them haha.

The Big Australian Bucket List authentic aussie bbq

Authentic Aussie BBQ

Aussies love their BBQ nights, and it’s kinda impossible to not bbq here. Most hostels organize weekly bbq nights and they are also included in most tours.

The Big Australian Bucket List Sail the Whitsundays

Sail the Whitsundays

Many backpackers tell me sailing the Whitsundays is their favorite part of their East Coast adventure. White beaches, young people, drinks, sun, swimming and many tours… sounds great!

Eat Vegemite + Timtams

The Australian salty spread called Vegemite is the one thing most tourists don’t like. It does have a weird taste, like super salty and like nothing else, but I do eat it every now and then because it’s healthy! Eating before a long hike, I feel like it gives me more energy, but that can also be something in my head.

Now on to my favorite chocoloate Timtams, that’s something that everybody likes and adores. There are different timtams like originals, salty caramel and the fruity ones. Try the originals first, then try all the other timtams after that haha. You’ll love it and you never had a better excuse to eat that much chocolate. (p.s.they’re almost every week on sale at one of the bigger supermarkets (Woolwhorts, Coles, IGA) so look out for great deals (5 for AUD$10 anyone?!)

The Big Australian Bucket List Surf bondi beach

Surf (or swim) at Bondi Beach

The iconic Sydney beach is one that you can’t miss. If you visit one beach n Australia, it should be Bondi! Super fit people, surfers and tourists go extremely well together at this beach. And if you’re afraid of sharks, just swim the pools next to the beach!

Drive the Great Ocean Road

Visiting Victoria, you can’t miss the Great Ocean Road because it’s one of the most touristic things to do in the region. The Great Ocean Road is beautiful and main sights exist of beautiful long beaches, beach towns Lorne and Apollo Bay, the Twelve Apostles, and Lord Ard. It can be windy, so bring a warm jacket just to be sure. If you’re doing a tour, sit on the left side of the bus, that’s the side with all the sights.

The Big Australian Bucket List Sunset and Sunrise at Uluru

Sunset/sunrise at Uluru

Uluru is SO unique, and if you’re driving (or flying to Ayers Rock Airport) all the way up there, you NEED to see the sunrise/sunset rocks. It’s beautiful and one of most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen (don’t forget to look at Kata Tjuta too, I found that a more beautiful sight than Uluru at sunrise!). I did both the whole champagne at sunset and a sunrise trip: I can recommend doing both because they’re different!

Bubbles, sunsets, great friends & Uluru. This is life. ?? 

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The Big Australian Bucket List

The Big Australian Bucket List Sydney Opera House

Go see the Sydney Opera House

Heading up to the East Coast, and you can’t miss the Opera House. It’s one of Sydney’s icons, and you can’t miss it if you’re in town. I don’t think there are a lot of sights in Sydney, pop this one on your list! (Warning: I’m a true Melbournian, not really into Sydney but I did stay there ≠ 3 weeks, so I think I know what I’m talking about).

Go see the Blue Mountains

I didn’t see them but the Blue Mountains should be on your Sydney (and surroundings) bucket list.

The Big Australian Bucket List Visit Tasmania

Visit Tasmania

On my around the world I visited Tasmania in the short time that I had (≠7 weeks in Australia), and Tasmania was my favorite spontaneous trip. It’s beautiful (and cold)!

I’ll add more and more to this list later on, but Fraser Island, a Bushwalk, the pink lakes in Western Australia, a camel ride in the outback, and coffee in Melbourne are a few of the things that I’ll add later to this list.

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