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Why using email marketing is the only way to grow your blog income


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Today I wanted to introduce you one of the three big investments I did for my biz, Convertkit and why it’s important you’d look into it too! Let’s get started with your email marketing strategy because it’s the only way to grow your online income in this day and age. 

Convertkit is all about email marketing for professional bloggers. And I hope, that’s what you are or what you’d like to become.

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Email marketing for professional bloggers

Unfortunately, I haven’t published my ‘blog predictions for 2016’ yet, but I can tell you, the blogosphere is gonna change! And I believe that email marketing – just sending newsletters to your peeps – will be one of the most important aspects out there. I mean, I never really read social media updates from friends, but every once and a while I do go inbox zero, which means, I’ll read your newsletter too! So if you’re selling something I need to see and buy, email marketing is your word. So try to invest in it, starting with Convertkit.

No time, ad blockers and stuff

Everybody is busy, and with the rise of ad blockers and a number of new blogs, it’s getting harder earning all your money as a blogger with ads (display or content). So what’s next? I’ll talk about that very soon, but the key is: building a great following (I’d recommend not on social media!) and creating stuff just for them. And the great thing: ‘automations’ make it possible to write things once, and have it all send out automatically afterward… this is such a gain of time for other stuff!! I love it.

Email Sequences

Convertkit makes it really easy setting up email sequences, and that’s also the main reason why I got Convertkit. I’ve been working on my new course/project, and automatic email sequences are a big part of my strategy. For example: when you sign up for my free e-mail course ‘ A Media Kit That Sells‘, you’ll receive the course in your inbox, send with Convertkit.

Free plan Convertkit

In Convertkit it’s possible to give subscribers certain tags. In reality, this means you can create different subscribe forms and keep track of which subscriber comes where from. This is not all, if you send a newsletter you can track who clicked on what link  (!!). This is perfect for leads & serving your subscribers what they love.

Pay for what you get

And last but not least, you pay for the number of email subscribers you have. So you start at $29 dollars for <1000 subs, up to >900.000 sub and $3,999 (uhm, but that’s definitely, not me!).

Read more about Convertkit’s features here.

Other options

If you’re a blogger with a membership site or online courses check out this great option, that’s priced the same as Teachable and Convertkit, but combines email marketing with a membership site and online courses all in one site, for just less than $40 a month (and unlimited subscribers!). 

If you’re looking for something cheaper or if you’re not a blogger but a business, check out this or this great solution that I’ve also personally used before, that both work great with CRM’s, an affiliate program to sell more of your products and more than 10.000 subscribers. 

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