A few years back I couldn’t understand why my online business efforts, my content, and blogging wouldn’t take off financial wise.

I had a very successful blog and everybody in the ‘scene’ knew about it,

I was the go-to person in the niche for the press so I was on television, panels and in magazines.

I had hundreds of daily readers but I couldn’t make a fulltime living off of it.

Everybody thought I was very successful and in a way I was, but if you have to take on other jobs just to make a living, it’s not SO successful right?

I was struggling, I was still studying and needed to find extra work soon.

But all I wanted to do was blog!

So what was I doing wrong besides not really monetizing my blog with half a million readers a month?

It’s kinda funny and I see many of my blog coach clients make the same mistake.

The blogging mistake I made?

I didn’t offer people a product to buy.

It took me years to understand that I needed to offer readers products and diversify my income because you can only do so much blog sponsor collaborations (and want to).

It makes SO much sense right?

You gotta sell something to make money. Duh!!?

It’s totally normal to think that a full-time blogger only blogs for a living.

As a fact, many of the bloggers I speak to think that. But professional blogging is so much more.

You need to build a business.

As you probably know, online courses are HUGE right now. And everybody’s doing it.

And the best thing: everybody can do it!

So what does it mean and should you get started or is it an oversaturated market already?

I don’t think so, as it’s a great way to show your knowledge, to earn passive income and to help people. All you need to know is how to create the course, how to sell and scale your own course to make it a success.

Would you like to get in on this wave and start making money teaching people about the topics you’re passionate about?

If so, there’s a free virtual conference that I want you to learn from.

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Oh and the best thing?

This year they focus on three different business levels: starters that want to learn everything about creation process, mediate level for course owners that make a decent amount of money but can always learn more and professionals making 6+ figures from their courses.

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