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  • Understanding the Role of Data Backup in Your Business

    Understanding the Role of Data Backup in Your Business

    Recent estimates show us that a single hour of downtime costs businesses an average of $8,500. What’s worse is that it can take months to recover business systems after a crash. This means that businesses can haemorrhage thousands or even millions in revenue while they struggle to get back on track. Your equipment is only as good as your backups – if the latter fail, so do your systems. The best way to avoid this situation is by having a reliable system of backup in place that keeps all your company’s data stored safely offsite. This backup needs to be updated as often as possible and its integrity and availability checked at regular intervals. Cloud backup and recovery services, such as those offered by Backup Solutions Houston can also be a very useful option for businesses looking to mitigate the cost of downtimes or data loss. 


  • 5 Key Steps to Protect Your Data from Hackers

    5 Key Steps to Protect Your Data from Hackers

    McAfee believes the cost of cybercrime globally is around $1 trillion per year, accounting for around 1% of our total GDP. According to experts, the cybercrime environment will cost the world an average of $10.5 trillion by the time we reach 2025. Further inputs from IBM show us that the average cost of a data breach was around $3.68 million in 2020. This increased to $3.61 million in hybrid cloud environments in 2021. The average time to identify a breach in 2020 took around 207 days. The longer the delay in identifying a breach, the more it costs to fix it.

  • Top 2022 Online Scams & Fraud Methods

    Top 2023 Online Scams & Fraud Methods

    At this point, you’re probably familiar with the various ways scammers attempt to foil your best efforts at staying safe online. They try to convince you that a family member is in danger, that a company owes you money, or that you’re entitled to benefits from the government—but only if you send them a small payment first. They could even approach you on social media impersonating an old friend and ask for financial help. Fraud is a serious crime that can make you lose your hard-earned money, and private information and even lead to identity theft. Losses resulting from fraud are expected to reach $8 billion by 2024 – a rise of over 200% since 2016. It is very crucial to understand the various methods of online fraud so that you are able to avoid them and stay safe.

  • 8 Key Elements of Data Backup Strategy

    8 Key Elements of Data Backup Strategy

    Database backups are a key component of protecting your organization’s data. Your database backup strategy should include multiple layers of protection, each with a different purpose. Some layers can help you recover from user errors, others can help back up your databases locally for fast restoration in case of accidental deletions, and others are there to protect you against natural disasters or data loss. You could choose to add yet other layers engaged in backing up your databases in the cloud to protect you from equipment failure or natural disaster. For larger businesses, it might make sense to replicate the production database in many different regions around the world. In case of failure in any single region, it will be possible to reroute traffic to another region and keep running until normal operations are restored.

  • Top 8 Practical Cybersecurity Strategies for Businesses

    Top 8 Practical Cybersecurity Strategies for Businesses

    Staying safe from cybercrime is an increasingly important concern for businesses. Recent data indicates that cyberattacks against corporate networks increased by 50% in 2021 compared to 2020. As we become more connected, consumers and businesses alike are vulnerable to malware, phishing attacks, and viruses. According to Accenture’s Cost of Cybercrime Study, 43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses, but only 14% are prepared to defend themselves. What’s more, the implications of falling victim to such online crimes can be dire – particularly if the business stores the personal or financial data of customers. A layered security approach is a critical element of your overall cybersecurity strategy. This means that you use multiple forms of protection to help protect your business, including firewalls and intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and anti-virus software. The goal is to use an array of different technologies to monitor, detect and stop cyberattacks before they can cause damage. For detailed guidance on how to implement these strategies in your local business, consider reaching out to Managed Security Services. Here are some practical cybersecurity strategies that you can implement with your business right now:

  • Choosing the Best Data Backup Solution for your Business

    Choosing the Best Data Backup Solution for your Business

    Let’s face it—few things are more stressful than the loss of important data. Whether you’ve lost your family photos, a presentation for work, or your entire business’s records and files, the result is often devastating. Refer to IT Support Santa Ana for latest reports on data loss and backup failure impact on business.

    That said, there’s plenty we can do to mitigate this risk in advance—and that means backing up our data. There is a reason why the Data Backup and Recovery Software market is growing fast at a CAGR of 9.8% and is expected to reach USD 8892.2 million by the end of 2026.

    In this guide, we’ll review some of the best backup solutions available for storing and preserving our digital lives. Since manual backups aren’t as reliable as they used to be, companies should also focus on automating their backups as much as possible to minimize the scope of errors.

  • Four Ways to Optimize Your Local Brand Management

    Four Ways to Optimize Your Local Brand Management

    Brand management is something that all businesses, no matter how big or small, have to consider if they are going to achieve success. Being constantly vigilant over changes in your market, adapting to customer trends, and making customers aware of your brand values are all vital components of brand management.

    As implied in the name, local brand management is essential for businesses looking to take advantage of their local customer base. It invokes many of the same principles of brand management designed for businesses on a larger scale. Still, there are vital benefits that a business can make the most of if they commit to their local brand management strategies.

    This article will explore those benefits before presenting four key strategies for successful local brand management. 

  • Most Common Reasons for Business Website Downtime

    Most Common Reasons for Business Website Downtime

    If you’ve ever run a website, then you know exactly how terrifying it can be when a server goes down. You feel your stomach drop as you watch that dreaded “500 error” message appear on your screen. Your phone begins to ping and buzz as frantic emails from users flood in, each with an increasingly higher sense of urgency. While there are many different causes of website downtime, the results are usually the same – lost revenue, lost customers, lost time, and lost trust. In this guest post Bridget Juelich talks about the most common reasons for website downtime.

  • Types of Network Security Protections

    Types of Network Security Protections

    Network security is an important factor to take into consideration for any organization. When it comes to protecting your business, it’s vital to make sure you have the necessary security measures in place. Without proper network security, you may experience a breach of confidential data or other types of cyberattacks that can put your whole company at risk. Network security is a very broad area that covers hardware and software solutions, access control, antivirus software, application security, network analytics, network configurations, accessibility, network defense systems, and more. In the Ultimate Guide To Business I talk more about all the different types of business security. There are several different types of network security that can help protect your business from the evolving threats continually targeting your business. In this guest post Kenny Rounds tells you all about network security.

  • Top 5 Cybercrimes: Ways to Protect Yourself on the Internet

    Top 5 Cybercrimes: Ways to Protect Yourself on the Internet

    Cybercrime is a broad term that refers to illegal activities that take place in the digital world. It includes everything from hacking, malware, and viruses to fraud, theft, and identity theft, as well as other crimes committed using computer technology.

    Cybersecurity is a key concern for all businesses. It is a growing threat to businesses across industries. This is particularly impacting growing areas of digital activity such as e-commerce (also a key driver of the global economy). Cybercrime costs the global economy billions of dollars a year and it’s getting worse with each passing year. Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that by the end of this year, the cost of cybercrime could reach 6 trillion dollars worldwide, and it could reach 10.5 trillion dollars by 2025. In this guest post George Passidakis talks about the top 5 cybercrime and how you can protect yourself and your business on the internet.