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  • 4 Ways To Keep Your Home And Car Smoke-Free

    A smoke-free home interior is important for a healthy living space. Fumes from tobacco, cigarettes, and other pollutants can put you at risk of various health diseases, including respiratory problems, lung cancer, and heart diseases. Even if you don’t engage in this habit, frequent exposure to second-hand smoke in your home can cause immediate and substantial damage to your cardiovascular system, damaging your blood vessels, heart, and muscles. It’s even worse if you have kids at home. So, if you want to protect your health and keep some ailments at bay, use these tips to keep your home and car smoke-free. 


  • Signs You Need To Clean Your Home Office

    Signs You Need To Clean Your Home Office

    Working from home has become the new norm since last March for many of us and remote working has become the backbone of many industries in the business world. 

    Working at your own house can be great in many different ways such as managing your own working hours to being able to wear your sweats – and it can be a great way to learn independence. There are of course some downsides to working at home though such as distractions, lack of human contact, and motivation. 

    One thing you might easily forget to do in your own home office is to have a deep clean now and again to keep it hygienic and safe. 

    Cleaning your home office is something that can be easy to forget when you are in there working hard every day; but today we want to show you some signs that your office is in need of a deep clean this week.  (more…)

  • Mitigating The Impact Of A Household Disaster

    Mitigating The Impact Of A Household Disaster

    The fact is that your home is your sanctuary – it’s the place where you and your family feel the most comfortable and relaxed. Your home is your retreat from the world, your safe haven, if you will, which is why it can be so completely and utterly devastating if something bad should happen to it. The sad truth is that your home is not disaster-proof – anything could happen to it at any time, and leave you without a roof over your head. 

    The concept that something could happen to the home that you’ve spent a lot of time, money and effort building is completely devastating. However, what’s important is to consider the fact that there are steps that you can take to ensure that your home – and everything inside it – are protected should a household disaster occur, or steps that you can take to at least mitigate the loss. 

    The question is, of course: how can you mitigate the impact of a household disaster? Read on for everything that you should know! (more…)

  • Decluttering Tips That Take Less Than 10 Minutes

    Decluttering Tips That Take Less Than 10 Minutes

    Sometimes, the idea of cleaning, decluttering, or re-organizing can feel overwhelming. But, studies have shown that decluttering can actually improve your mental health by boosting your self-esteem and reducing stress. 

    It’s actually a very simple, small way to improve your life and feel better every single day, especially when you tackle small projects instead of loading yourself up with bigger, overwhelming tasks. 

    You don’t need a Junk Hauling service for daily decluttering and cleaning. In many cases, it can take you ten minutes or less to make a difference in how well things are organized. 

    With that in mind, let’s look at a few tips you can use for daily decluttering in your life that won’t bog you down.  (more…)