If you’ve been living with debt stress for a while, you’ve surely noticed that it almost completely takes away your freedom. You never have the money to spend on things you want, and for some people that can mean even greater debt. It causes a lot of stress and your brain doesn’t work like it did before. Here’s how you can overcome debt.

Your financial freedom

The best mindset you can have is, the majority of the money you get paid is already gone. It can be hard to part with all that money on a monthly basis, or however often you have to pay it, but you must.

Missing your payments can lead to both poor credit, and higher interest rates. Meaning, the longer you wait until you pay your debts, the further you’re likely to fall behind in payments. As if it wasn’t hard enough to keep up, the interest will keep building on each payment based on how much you miss it.

In times like this, it can be hard to stay positive about the whole situation, and before long you may find your motivation fading. Without your own incentives and purpose, you can quickly start to feel burnt out, so finding a way to keep up is a must! It might be hard work, but even if you manage to get something small for yourself now and then it can feel rewarding, and will act as the necessary satisfaction we need to keep us going.

Settle Insurmountable Debts

If you’re struggling with debt because you simply aren’t able to meet more than the minimum payments and are simply clearing the interest attached to the debt, rather than the debt itself, it may be time to come to some sort of settlement agreement. A debt settlement attorney will be able to act as an intermediary and come to an agreeable solution for both you and your lender. There’s no point just chipping away at interest your entire life!

Making extra income

Did you know that only 11% of all bloggers earn more than $30.000? So you better make sure you’re one of the top 11% bloggers! To be honest, it’s not that difficult, but you have to realize it’s not just blogging. See, this blogger makes $50,000 every month in a very passive way. Having multiple income streams is a start. I have collected over 50+ ways bloggers and online entrepreneurs can make money and many of the ways I have used to be able to travel full-time the past three years. Now, I’ve written a lot of single blog posts that go much more into the different details of ways I use to make a living online, so feel free to read more about them by following the links. 

Quick Recap

I know, 50+ ways to earn money online can seem a bit overwhelming so here’s the quick recap. If you want to make money online, I’d recommend you start a blog first.

A blog is easy to monetize in a very passive way, so you can easily make some passive income with affiliate marketing or blog sponsors once everything is set up.

I help you build a profitable blog as a micro influencer with less than 10.000 followers here.

Then start promoting your blog with PR & Free Publicity to gain followers. If you already have a blog or if you’re not interested in blogging, I suggest you create an online course for free with Teachable.

The difference with other ideas to make a living online is that with a blog or an online course you can make (quick-ish) five figures, while if you’re doing survey’s for example, it will take forever and it will be a lot more work that’s less fun.

If you’re not a type that creates a lot, I suggest you get into email marketing, everyone can write emails right? But even if you don’t, there are more ways to earn money online, so read further

Dealing with debt stress and overcoming debt by paying off debt

Getting help

While it might feel as if there’s nowhere to turn, there are companies out there who will help anyone, even if you have bad credit. People with bad credit might find getting financial aid to be a struggle anyway, but some solutions involve taking on an alternative debt. While it doesn’t sound ideal, it can help you get more control over this debt, and in turn, avoid the interest rates!

You should look into bad credit debt consolidation loans if you want to find out more, it can help you get your financial freedom back at a much steadier and stress-free pace. You should try not to see it as just another loan, but rather a helping hand. You’re not solving your debt problem entirely, as you still have to pay it all back; but you can work out deals that are likely more comfortable for you than what you currently have.

Many people make a living from their home, and a lot of the time it’s a second job entirely. If you’re struggling to keep up with your current job, would you be able to work another to help ease the strain?

On the plus side, you’ll have more money and possibly some for yourself. On the downside, you have to work a whole lot harder for it! There are a variety of things you could pick up as your second income, sometimes it doesn’t have to feel like a job; but rather a hobby. If you can make money from doing something you enjoy, that sense of purpose can be restored to your life too; which is killing two birds with one stone!

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