With the new year, the big clean ups come around. If you’ve read my posts about things you should my end of the year bucket list and things to do before the new year hits, you know I love decluttering around the new year. 

It was time for me to downsize my business expenses in the new year, because each year I add so many ‘must have’ tools to my business that sometimes I forget to even properly use them. I did a scan on this year’s necessary blog tools, which you can find here, and realized I don’t need much for my blog.

Long story short? I downsized on my webhosting, my amazing marketing tools, my email marketing and my designing.

I decided to do a very scary thing, which is, doing a scan of all my broken links.

I thought this is def a blog task that I should have done every couple months, so here’s your reminder.

There’s this site (and there are tons of plugins too!) to do a quick check of broken links, and my site had over 1000 broken links (say whuuut?!). After a little investigation I did discover some of my old newsletter forms, old course website linked and for example an old about me page. Oef, this was costing me money! hihi, so much better now I’ve linked everything to the proper destinations.

But I didn’t complete this task before discovering something horrible.

I thought I was hacked. I saw all these ‘very dark’ and ‘illegal’ looking url’s on my site.

How to delete comments and why you should like I had to remove 200.000+ comments

I freaked out.

Read all about it here and how to prevent this awful thing happening to your own blog.

How to fix broken links on your website in one click